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  1. Hello everyone My idea is add artificial intelligence to the peds like in single player. I know the idea is very repeated but this basic thing may do an important change if is added. I was thinking possibles benefits and these are... * New gamemodes and the expand of others: - New gamemodes will be created ( like a single player gamemode ). - Other gamemodes will be expanded ( like RPG ). * New resources: - New and originals resources will be created ( like added functions, funny resources, modifications, etc... ). * New players: - The previously facts will cause an upload of players. I was also thinking about some functions like: setPedestriansEnabled(state) This function will set enabled or disabled the pedestrians. setPedAIEnabled(ped,state) This will set enabled or disabled the ped artificial intelligence ( AI ). setPedConduct(ped,conduct) --CONDUCT = "aggressive", "neutral", "friendly" This will set the conduct of the ped who have AI enabled. So.. those were my ideas. Sorry for the bad redaction, i'm using google translator. Thanks for read this post.