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  1. mfC claims this ship as base
  2. Most of clans are dying because MTA team is taking too long to make new release .I think there is already less than 20 "active clans" left
  3. i think driveby is too lame for gang wars so it would be forbitten.(until fire rate is slower or damage smaller)
  4. mfC is quitting mta and moving to vc-mp. mfC is maybe coming back to mta if better version comes.(leave this thread in case we come back)
  5. Im going for a 3 week trip. ( 16.7.2005 - 9.8.2005 ) mfC is not playing clan wars without me. (if mta:sa comes they may) mfC is sleeping till MTA:SA comes. (as before) CO-admins organizates clan dont miss me