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  1. mfC claims this ship as base http://koti.mbnet.fi/shadow0/mfcbase.jpg
  2. Most of clans are dying because MTA team is taking too long to make new release .I think there is already less than 20 "active clans" left
  3. i think driveby is too lame for gang wars so it would be forbitten.(until fire rate is slower or damage smaller)
  4. mfC is quitting mta and moving to vc-mp. mfC is maybe coming back to mta if better version comes.(leave this thread in case we come back)
  5. Im going for a 3 week trip. ( 16.7.2005 - 9.8.2005 ) mfC is not playing clan wars without me. (if mta:sa comes they may) mfC is sleeping till MTA:SA comes. (as before) CO-admins organizates clan dont miss me
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