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  1. i also get it sometimes, cant see what triggers it, perhaps twas the fact i used cheats on a server
  2. its unhandled exception you clown. and it is a type of error that was not counter dealt with in the program code, as it was either unexpected or had such a low probability of occuring it was deemed obsolete, or of course, it simply wasnt addressed. hence it is 'unhandled'. there should be an 'address' supplied with the error, a string of numbers and letters which can be used to narrow down where the problem occurs. posting that to somebody who actually knows what they are on about is a good place to start when resolving such an issue.
  3. yet again, i say, THE WAY THINGS PERFORM AND/OR REACT ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RENDERING ENGINE. The helicopter is rendered by the graphics engine, it is controlled and regulated by a script engine. Try and understand this, it really isnt that hard to take in.
  4. GTA3 and GTA3:VC can both be run in 16b or 32b colour depth. you imbecile.
  5. GTA3 and GTA3:VC can both be run in 16b & 32b colour depth, you imbecile.
  6. how many times do you have to be told. the way the character performs in GTA3 is nothing to do with the engine. its all scripted you idiot. jumping out of a car is down to a series of coded events that take place when the key to exit the car is pressed. the script exectues and the graphics engine renders it. the same script in GTA3 would render the exact same thing. you really cannot grasp this fact can you.
  7. it is the GTA3 engine, there is no 2 ways about it. half of you seem to think the engine consists of the models contained withing, IT IS NOT. The engine renders the objects, obviously they are going to be different, that is the whole idea of releasing a sequel. Its like half life and gunman chronicles. Same game engine, different models textures and content. Quake 3 and Star Trek: Elite Force. Same engine, different shit. You think the coders of GTA3 wrote a completely new graphics engine for GTA3:VC ? Think of what you are saying before you say it. It is the same engine with new models text
  8. that is the most idiotic thing i have read on this forum. the rain drops are simplistic decals. they could be easily implemented into GTA3, they are simply a gimic contained within the engine. and as for motorcycles, the accurate physics are not based on the rendering engine, but the script which controls the way the model behaves. simply export the model and the script, copy them to the original GTA3 folder(s) and the motorcycle will work in GTA3 exactly the same as it does in GTA3:VC.
  9. The graphics engine is the same, regardless of the executable filesize, models, textures etc. it is all the same engine. the engine itself renders the environment & models. what is rendered in vice city can be rendered in gta3 and vice versa. this is proven, as i have moved models and textures between both games.
  10. it is the exact same graphics engine, just different models etc
  11. its exact same gfx engine.
  12. it might be the same chipset, but lower .ns. mem, lower clock speeds, and if you aint a 128MB user, obviously, lower mem. and um, i did actually benchmark the new dets, not really any difference, benchmark scores were almost identical.
  13. most FPS games dont have immmensly huge maps, with an immense amount of entities reside within. and GTA3 does use the bubble idea. ever zoomed in with the sniper rifle and walked forward ? you can see ppl appear in the distance, then walk backwards then forwards again an they have gone and have been replaced with different models in different positions. it is a part of the coding that will affect the bubble theory for multiplayer.
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