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  1. Guys, why did i get ban from mta reason : U GOT BANNED BY ABUSE i didnt use something now why did i get ban(i havent exe or lag) it is permanent Serial:E5D3DA6F88B65BE67A4FA33DB5367FF4
  2. i was playing this game at 05.00. I wanted sleep and ı left this game. When did i wake up i saw some "EXEMOD 10 days" . i cant understand this why did i get ban for EXEMOD. I already shared this exe for fix by u and u banned me cause of this . explain me why did i get ban , i was always clean , i didnt use something!! -Hypnoaltux Serial : E5D3DA6F88B65BE67A4FA33DB5367FF4
  3. my timecyc.dat mod was working like 15-20 days ago but now it isnt working! I don't know why can u explain me it?
  4. so where will i topic?
  5. I cracked my wheels on proxy_sa.exe in normal gta san andreas and i forgot to delete it.When i joined to mta it is automatically banned me 24 H pls unban me because we have tournament clanwar in mta MY SERIAL=E5D3DA6F88B65BE67A4FA33DB5367FF4
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