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  1. there are just moments when you accidentally enter a store point in a difficult battle and you are killed
  2. very sad (...okay. In Italy, there is a building for the allies (army) on the left, can you add some shelter? ;3 and I also the idea that the shop will open when the button is clicked when entering the store area https://ibb.co/q0qTpbp (italy)
  3. Hey .... here's such a thing... an ordinary car is just tin, dudes can ride in a car and destroy with a bazooka tanks, and we can't kill them with shots to the head, the same stuff with a mortar, a cannon, an artery. We need to fix this :3
  4. can you please remove this invisible wall? https://youtu.be/RNjvrCZ4ogs
  5. add some small bridge. this hole is located on 2 baze https://youtu.be/NfeMEpVnrQ0
  6. Can we add a normal ability to kill people who are in a mortar, boat, artillery? If there is such a possibility, let's add it
  7. hi, my hard drive is broken. I have a new disk now, but I couldn't log in to my account https://ibb.co/vHzpF4x
  8. Something is wrong, all tanks including cars don't have the handbrake working. If the administrator puts the transport (command "/gme [id]") then this transport will be with a working handbrake. https://youtu.be/3uppwzv669M Or do I have a problem
  9. Yes, when the technique is destroyed, there is a chance that it will appear in the textures https://b.radikal.ru/b41/2101/09/f6d0635444c6.png https://b.radikal.ru/b12/2101/44/b2dc26b43060.png
  10. They can't take tanks during the battle (They're just under the textures, but they want to win but not can take tanks)
  11. Hi ein, you can spend 10 minutes on the map [WAR] König Der Berge. the red team needs tanks and they appear under the textures.
  12. Jn left MTA... : ( I am now a Russian admin.... and the owner of the discord server saaw...
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