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  1. Hi ein, you can spend 10 minutes on the map [WAR] König Der Berge. the red team needs tanks and they appear under the textures.
  2. Jn left MTA... : ( I am now a Russian admin.... and the owner of the discord server saaw...
  3. Reduce the number of polygons. To reduce lags, I guess, we need to make a low poly model of that sandbags
  4. need to replace this bull:~, because of it, the fps is sagging https://ibb.co/sHhDmcs
  5. And now I can't log in to the server, the connection with it is lost
  6. @Einheit-101, I forgot to tell you about one mistake. When I and P. s.i.x and Danya were playing saaw, Danya started to hear me (we weren't sitting in discord). in the end, we realized that the voice chat remained in saaw. But it only works when you choose a character (it Doesn't always work. The sound quality is terrible, but if you yell - everything is fine). Even when I was playing alone, I heard someone from my team yelling at saaw (it was very funny, I almost died of laughter)
  7. The weapon has reloaded and can already shoot and just the sound of reloading is already ending
  8. https://gamemodding.com/ru/gta-san-andreas/graphic/45426-overdose-effects-v15.html Waffen SS showed, thank you to him!
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