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  1. Good Luck :O , If You Needed A Forums You Can send a discord msg Dre#6327
  2. Well , i Know Some SQL :~s But Send the Server Name|Type in the Discord Dre#6327
  3. I Can Design Some :~s For you man, i dont wanna get paid Dre#6327
  4. Well,im a Designer For Skin Shadders But i've Some new :~s like Signatures and Logos Dre#6327 to Contact me
  5. Well , Im A Designer Who Can Design Logos and Signatures if You Are Intersted Dre#6327
  6. Dre

    The last reply

    Actually i agree with ya HEHEHE
  7. Dre

    Network Problem IN MTA

    Actually My Network is fine but it gives high ping tho idk why
  8. Well,Recently i Opened MTA SA But it gave me some :~s like , crash and some how it doesnt open any server , that happens when i open any server , actually i need a serious kinda help , send a reply asap Actually it gives a crash from the client.dll This what it gives me