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  1. Hi, Thank you for the reply, I understood. This topic can now be locked.
  2. Today I donated 12 euro to Mta paypal, and I dont see my server in the top 20 Position? What is wrong? Does this mean I donated for nothing? Admin, answer. Please check your donation log and find donation! @Woovie
  3. What is Aurora? We are a multi-gamemode, community server for MTASA. Aurora is a new clan, but with the help of developers and staff we hope to improve the server and game experience for players in the community. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to share the server with your friends and family; and please enjoy your stay! What are our goals? We hope to not only find bugs, but also implement server improvements to improve the experience for our players. What do we have so far? We have a lobby, login panel, user panel, donation ability, global chat, language chat, scoreboard, garage, and much, much more. Login registration can be done through our forums at Where can I find Aurora? Aurora can be found on many social networks such as Forum, Discord, and Gamestate. Forum: Discord: Gamestate: Server ip: mtasa:// Thank you for choosing Aurora, Aurora Management, Firestrike.