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  1. Aren't those pictures advocating cheating Mr Bump? (the olde flying car trick)
  2. Cables great as its always on- unlike some ADSL services which you have to dial into (albiet with 0 as the number) NTL are pretty good, although they keep messing up my tv service!
  3. I was just pointing out that there was no need to reinstall everything onto C:\ as pushing the reset game path would have worked too.
  4. /sarcasm Really? /sarcasm off Actually, I cant as it doesnt have the ps/2 inputs that I require and I refuse to buy a USB mouse just yet.
  5. The idea of making a stock handling.cfg file isnt that simple as all you'd have to do to prevent it overwriting would be to change its attributes to read only. Its very difficult to put into practice. The problem with the cheating is that the MTA crew might disable all current trainers, but whats to stop those who've make one trainer from making another. It seems that within a few days of an MTA release some little scrote has released a cracked version. There really isnt much you can do about it- its the same with warez. Learn to live with it- if someone is cheating then move to another server. They'll get bored and give up eventually- they're only entertained when people are watching.
  6. To save you the hassle of actually reading the already existing posts- as its SO difficult to read the FAQ- 1. You need the original Vice City game to play 2. This needs to be installed 3. The MTA mod has to be downloaded from http://www.mtavc.com and installed. 4. Download ASE from http://www.mtavc.com and install it. 5. Run ASE and go to the add game option and select MTA VC. 6. Double click on a server that you want to play on click the connect button in the MTA dialogue, then select Start New Game and MultiTheftAuto in Vice City. ALL THIS IS EXPLAINED IN THE MANUAL THAT COMES WITH MTA. If in doubt R T F M !!!
  7. You could have just hit the reset game path button in MTA client
  8. In short yes, you can.
  9. From the screenshot it looks like someone has got up to the character selection area (probably with Cudda Kine's mod) and screwed it all up. This sort of thing seems to happen a lot. The guy posting the screenshot wasnt cheating as he's actually selecting a career someone else has done the dirty
  10. Yeah - ME is rubbish- its got a huge bug that results in it constantly paging from the hard disk which slows everything down to a crawl (avoid!!!)
  11. Ever tried to play MTA with a touchpad? Its torture... My comp broke the other day so I borrowed a laptop from the college i work at and installed mta on that (hehehe - im supposed to be doing video editing with it ) but whenever i'm playing deathmatches my hands either sit on top of each other or cross over. Its a nightmare [VCP]Deckard Proud Member of the Vice City Police Department
  12. Probably the easiest way of dealing with this would be to make a small change to ASE that shows when a server has an active admin present. That way you know that someone is overseeing what is happening. If someone starts cheating then they'll get kicked- simple as. It's not hard in IRC to find out someones IP address to ban their computer completely (at least until they d/c connect). If all else fails, use NeoTrace to find out their home address from the IP address and we can all go round and firebomb their house! That said, a cheater only ever seems to cheat when there is an audience- they want to show off basically. If you get a known cheater causing hassle then just move to another server there are plenty of them. You can even pm the other decent players on the current server with /msg so you can arrange the move without the cheaters knowledge. [VCP]Deckard Proud member of the Vice City Police Dept. [VCP]Deckard
  13. Just seen the screenshots of driver 3- it looks amazing!
  14. Right- first of all, the problem isnt with MTA its with your computer. You may still be able to play vice city normally, but MTA pulls on a lot of extra stuff that it doesnt use so you have to check the following; Latest graphic drivers (from http://www.ati.com or http://www.nvidia.com) Latest version of Directx (9.0) from http://www.microsoft.com Latest motherboard driver (probably from http://www.intel.com or http://www.msi.tw.com or something similar) WinXP Service Pack 1a from http://www.microsoft.com and then go to http://www.windowsupdates.com and search for the "Quake 3 crashes unexpectedly" hotfix. Install this as it solves a lot of problems. Make sure you havent got a virus too by going to http://www.grisoft.com and getting a free copy of avg antivirus 6.0 Basically this should solve the problem- if you wipe windows and reinstall it you end up losing every update (win xp is very buggy out of the box and needs updating constantly) . I would recommend going to http://www.windowsupdate.com and downloading and installing every update as there are a number of security issues that should be addressed.
  15. pokepets360 wrote : I think thats hilarious as pokepets360 is in fact ICE, the well known cheater/cracker who you just banned. I know this because ICE has the same signature picture and he mentions this on his site (whose URL I wont post here).
  16. Not that it'll make much difference by posting here, but I've seen HanX doing quite a bit of the old health replenishment and hanging around spawn areas (ie Airport). Phrenobie has been cheating quite a bit too- flying around in cars and dropping them on peoples heads, spawn killing, no-damage etc. I think he p***ed off quite a few people yesterday on one of the foreign servers (i forget which one we were in [russian?]) Damn cheaters burn them all!
  17. To fix this you need to do the following; 1. Download the latest video card drivers from either http://www.ati.com or ww.nvidia.com. If you arent using either a GeForce/Radeon/Rage this may well be your problem (card needs to be at least 32MB) 2. Download DirectX 9.0 and install from http://www.windowsupdate.com 3. Download the latest drivers for your motherboard (ie from http://www.intel.com or http://www.msi.com.tw or whatever the site is for your motherboard manufacturer) and install them - this is VERY important. 4. Go to http://www.windowsupdate.com and search for the Quake 3 hotfix (something about crashing unexpectedly due to graphical conflict) It does say only install if you are having problems with Quake 3 but I found it fixed some problems with MTA as well. 5. If possible automatically update your computer from http://www.windowsupdate.com with all new patches and hotfixes- you have no idea how many problems there are with winxp straight out of the box. 6. Run a complete antivirus scan on your computer. If you do not have the almighty Norton Antivirus 2003/2004 you can get a free copy of AVG antivirus v 6.0 from http://www.grisoft.com 7. With any luck that should solve all your problems- if it doesnt you may have a corrupt registry- in which case you'll either need to reinstall winxp or you could try using regfix from http://www.topcatcomputing.com or Norton Utilities of course.
  18. I've had a quick look on the forum and seems that no-ones fixed this. Basically a lot of people have been having the problem of the game getting stuck while loading. Some people have never played it. I didnt have this problem originally and got about 6 months usage out of the game but then it all went pear shaped- even reformatted my hdd. Eventually I managed to fix the damn thing- on the windows update site, there is an update for people experiencing problems with Quake 3 (something about graphical conflicts and crashes) Microsoft do say only install if you are having a problem with quake 3, but it sorted me out fine! By reinstalling windows you are losing every bug fix that has been added to your system- windows is an incredibly shoddy piece of software that like every other program from microsoft has been released to the public unfinished (i beta'd xp release candidate 2 and it was more stable than what they sold). You need to ensure that you install ALL the windows updates to prevent conflicts and crashes. A bonus of doing this is that you also get better security protection too. That only works for xp users tho. As for win98 people having problems, I would suggest installing the Win32 libraries for win98 if you can get hold of them, or even WinG- as that would give you better support than you currently have. Hope this helps.