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  1. Yeah - all that spammin' is annoying (/me Pretends he hasn't made a thinly disguised attempt at spamming to up his post count )
  2. As for the blue screen of death this is almost certain due to old/incorrect motherboard drivers. Never use the ones that come with XP as they dont work- d/l some from the motherboard manufacturers website. If the BSOD says something about a parity error then your memory is playing up- try pulling it out, blowing the dust off and then reseating it. The only other thing I can think of is that you need to install SP1a and the Quake 3 hotfix as this prevented a lot of my crashes.
  3. I think there was some small print in the back of the manual. If they were against it, they would have ordered this site shut by now. But they havent 'cos they're great and they're English (I think) so they couldnt give a damn as its the English way Yay!
  4. Even Kazaa-Lite has been pulled now- its no longer downloadable. But Napsters back in the fray, more Corporate Friendly and Record-Company-Butt-Kissing than ever
  5. Sarcasm makes the world go round..................
  6. I never got Ace Ventura when I first saw it- I just hated him, but at the time I was going through a "I really hate Jim Carey" stage. Then I saw the Truman show and the Cable Guy and saw a different side to him, it all fell into place shortly after. Brilliant films of comic genius
  7. The great thing about this mod is that its so open to players input. We get to try it out, then come on here and voice our opinions. A large part of the forum is dedicated to "what should go in the next version" I like that. Its good to see it growing before your eyes. I think we can all handle small issues like missing character animation, invincible large-ping people and lamers with trainers as all in all it doesnt detract from the gameplay that much. When it comes down to it all we want to do it get together and kick each others butts- which we could do now. All the polishing up can come later. What people seem to fail to realise is that the MTA team could have just held off releasing it until it was final code, but that would mean having to wait a long time before we could get in on the action. This way we still get to have some fun, but we have to remember that there is still work going on behind the scenes.
  8. It's certainly a damn good mod- About the only online game I used to play was Ultima Online- and that was just so I could get into loads of big battles with people. But it was just so ..awkward.. This is so much more fun and much easier to get into. I only hope that when v1.0 comes out I dont have to spend 100 hours in game chopping down trees trying to get enough wood to make a shotgun handle Seriously, given that this is only the fourth beta release (that i know of) its already come a long way and already is a blast (blasta?) to play. Keep it up guys, theres a lot of support for you (until that it you chuck on a 30 quid a month subscription fee )
  9. Someone told me once something disturbing about the Marlboro corp and its apparent links with the KKK. I think it had to do with Philip Morris being the original head of that organisation and the 3 K's on the packets- there were loads of hidden references but I can't remember anymore. Can anyone else shed some light on this- Btw - I'm not in anyway showing solidarity with that particulary gruesome group of individuals I'm just a little concerned about the origin of my cigarettes....
  10. The easiest way to make it work is to install Windows XP- you are trying to use new up to date software on a piece of crap thats been kicking around for at least 6 years. And you wonder why it doesnt work? sheesh... I'm sorry but do you see me trying to run Quake 3 on GEM Desktop or under MSDOS 3.0? No? Why? Because if you want to play the latest software you have to have an up to date operating system. What is the point of buying new games but neglecting to actually buy something for them to run on. I swear the next question's going to be along the lines of "I can't get Vice City to run on my 486DX2-66MHZ - but Strike Commander works ok..."
  11. I Choo Choo Choose you... Easy Ralph...... I think I found it by doing the olde http://www.Google.com search for GTA:VC map mods- wanted to play in a new city but got multiplayer instead- pretty good trade off!
  12. Mod Installer was great as you could actually d/l mods in a peer to peer style- but its no longer supported (sniff sniff) I guess the actual mod installation part works still, but as for constantly getting new mods.. R I P Why do people hate Peer to Peer so much?
  13. Its much more difficult than that as you have to take into account the accuracy of the shot- if someone fires a gun and someone doesnt get hurt you cant just kick them for cheating- the other person might be rubbish as firing.... you just dont know.... Presently the only way I see that you can do it is if you take a byte by byte read of the mta.exe client file and then run a comparism of that with what it should look like server side. Any variation and a kick will take place. The only way people cheat is by using a cracked client- take away that possibility and they'll have no chance- requires a lot of coding server side i guess which is why MTA team havent done this yet (other stuff to do)
  14. Its all to do with which memory region is accessed and whether or not buffer under/overflow occours. MTA shouldnt work with 98 or ME as it uses an allocated memory region that those operating systems use for system memory. Usually it causes some part of MTA to crash (and your comp as well), But due to the nature of the PC's people have different hardware etc, so the HAL (Hardware Application Layer) of Windows may not allocate that specific portion of memory therefore not causing MTA to write over a piece of memory in use and causing your computer to fall over. It's luck of the draw that it works- but it shouldnt and even though it starts up and plays it'll inevitably crash every other minute. All in all its not worth playing it on these operating systems- which are crap btw and will only take 512MB of RAM (anymore and it has to be set to ignore the rest). /whispers Buy XP................
  15. Thats quite funny- The ULK are just as established and experienced as the VCP these days. Some major ass wompers in there!
  16. Maybe we could put together a d/l text file or something of all known offenders, so that server admins could drop that list into a mirc script to auto kick those people? Just a thought
  17. Yeah it's really funny sometimes as the view screen goes crazy and then all of a sudden you appear on the other side of the island. It's like some freaky teleport I like it
  18. I'll try to make this as easy as I can for you Prokopis as you seem to be having a little trouble grasping those fundamentals of life Load ASE (Thats All Seeing Eye to you and me) Go to HELP Go to ONLINE MANUAL And as if by magic, the manual appears! Perhaps you should think first before you rush to join the bandwagon......................
  19. The Evo thing was a pain in the arse to be honest. No-one was actually asked about the name change from PWA- brophy just did it off his own back, and then decided to disband (again without asking anyone) like two days later. Pretty much all the PWA/EVO lot have regrouped to form the VCES- but if Brophy's past history is anything to go by we'll all be picking up the pieces of that clan soon too [VCP]Deckard
  20. when the computer crashes you can usually get away with just tapping enter twice as that will close the error dialogue and terminate the gta-vc process. To stop it crashing (and I know Ive posted this loads b4 but people keep asking) you need the following; 1. directx 9 2. latest m/board drivers 3. latest video card drivers 4. win xp running service pack 1a 5. quake 3 hotfix from microsoft.com With this installed never crash anymore. I can literally play for 5 hours without having to reload vice city. The only time it almost crashes is where the game will lock up for a few seconds, but I just release the mouse/keyboard and it sorts itself out and i carry on (the same as all online games)
  21. Because a lot of people are cracking the client and using trainers which is ruining everyone elses game -sigh-
  22. It all comes back to a large helping of R T F M !!!!!
  23. There are like loads of coders out there- perhaps we need part of the forum dedicated to those less important roles like bots so that people can pick up the odd assignment and do it off their own back and leave the MTA crew to get on with the meaty stuff.
  24. With all the cars flying around it reminds me a little of the Fifth Element