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  1. It's a good thing Iggy posted as his opinion should carry more weight and credibility than mine anyway (due to being a Moderator and, well, Iggy )
  2. While playing around with 3DSMax, I noticed that it had a great "Pen and Ink" shader that makes everything rendered look cartoon-like. This set me thinking about Vice City and how much fun it would be to export the models out, re-shade them and re-integrate them into the game. While not adding any new features, this would certainly add a new "feel" to the game. Anyone know if this has been attempted before? (there's no point dedicating countless hours of rendering time to it if someone's already done it)
  3. I didn't phrase that right Jon, of course the government don't directly run the BBC. What I was referring to was; So the government have some influence over them it can be summised. The BBC after all is a Public Service Broadcaster whose agenda is to "inform, educate and entertain". The inform and educate part they are largely doing from their website where I pulled the info. The article I quoted, called something like "What is MI6?" not only had details about what MI6 do, and what jobs you can get there, but also the location of their HQ and a photograph of it's location. If they di
  4. How exactly have I proved that I am an idiot? I'm not the person going around making sarcastic off-the-cuff remarks to anyone who does anything that slips slightly out of your own personal set of rules. If you want there to be a limit on how long after a post is made, that it can be replied to, then put it in the forum rules. As for :- (especially cause the reply you made) I am not asking for Mad_boy's seal of approval of what I choose to write about. As far as I am aware, we do not live in a stalinistic dictatorship, therefore I an entitled for my input to be respected as is everyone e
  5. Just had a check at the forums rules http://mtavc.com/forum.php - there is nothing about an expiry date on the permitted posting on a topic. Instead it covers stuff like flaming and spamming... you know, like posting "you're an idiot" - probably for the sole reason of getting your post count up.
  6. That's not even remotely true. MI6 is no secret - their details are laid out in the Intelligence Services Act 1994, which states that the role of the MI6 is "to obtain and provide information relating to the actions or intentions of persons outside the British Islands," There are also details about MI6 on various government websites, and even a huge feature on the govenment run BBC's site, at http://www.bbc.co.uk/crime/fighters/mi6.shtml If you read the message, he actually said.. NB- if anyone finds a way of using these vehicles in MTA, let me know. I WANT TO STRING YOU UP! Which is a
  7. I cannot comprehend why everyone is getting so worked up in this posting- as far as I can make out, all {DBC} Lance was trying to do was make public some of the latest developments in the Vice City Multiplayer arena. There is no reason to go on an all out flame-fest. It's pathetic really. Fair enough, you prefer MTA (so do I as it happens), but that doesn't give you the right to act like bratty 5 year olds. Surely everyone wants decent multiplayer support for the GTA series. So why then do you all insist on crapping all over the people who are trying to make it happen, just because they
  8. I'm afraid that this seems to resonate all the characteristics of a virus. The only way i can explain this is that you have a TSR styley virus (terminate and stay resident) which is running in the background of windows and appends itself to whatever executable you run. Do a search for AVG Free Antivirus 6.0 on google and download it (i think its from http://www.grisoft.co.uk) and run it to clear out whatver is screwing up your computer- i'm almost certain other stuff isnt running properly either. Failing that, you could need to reinstall your motherboard drivers (but you need to know what m
  9. Last night i decided to have a peruse of the olde favourite google in search of other multiplayer gta stuff to find out what is out there, their spin on it all - pure curiosity really. I stumbled across GTAT - which i think i've seen before tied to the mythical GTA World Online project (which by all accounts seems defunct now...) No disrespect to Draco Blue, but i wasn't overly impressed. The decision to do away with ASE for one and opt for an all inclusive server selection function obviously wasnt doing the mod justice- maybe its just because mtavc with it large amount of media coverage
  10. I guess there are two ways that this can go- because a lot of the work has already been done twice before, you could argue that the game would be overwhelmingly good because a lot more of the development time can be dedicated to coming up with fresh ideas to keep the whole gta 3 concept worth continuing for a third time - although there is the unavoidable danger as Prokopis rightly stated that covering the same ground for a third time could stifle anything creative and intelligent out of the francise (take Terminator 3, Alien 3, Batman Forever, Matrix Revolutions as examples..). It's true tha
  11. Unfortunately there isn't a fix for this until Rockstar themselves release one. You see this problem isn't purely with MTA:VC, I've had it many times with the normal standalone release of Vice City- it happens when you pass through the [loading] screen while crossing different map areas a few times in succession. All the radio stations slow down and sound like a walkman with low batteries (or they jump about). Its something to do with when Vice City pages information from the hard disk.. and unfortunately MTA:VC is more of a drain on resources on your computer than GTA:VC was causing more p
  12. I generally do for moving around, but when it comes to aiming, the arrow key controls lose out. Also for some reason Dell laptops seem to have this infuriating problem of recognizing only one keypress at a time, so I can no longer do stoppies (sob...)
  13. Maybe we could have an alternative mta version with other skins- then you just d/l the skins along with the installer?
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