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  1. The name is just for example, but I need to REMOVE the trigger
  2. I have such trigger: triggerEvent("tigger", root) addEvent("tigger", true) function tigger() label = guiCreateLabel(...) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", label, function_label) end addEventHandler("tigger", root, tigger) How to me to remove this trigger?
  3. It is possible to make still so... edit = guiCreateEdit(x, y, width, heiht, "you text" ) --We set the name of a variable str = string.gsub(guiGetText(edit), " ", "") --Get text and replace spaces guiSetText(edit, str) --Let's replace with the ready text P.S: string.gsub (<s>, <Search pattern>, <Replacement template>, [n]) S is a string. Search pattern - what to search for or regular expression. Replacement template - what to replace. N - how many times can a replacement be made at most.
  4. There is such an idea... Could you add another "dxDrawRectangleClient" or to add more arguments to be able to do krupenye corners.
  5. Such a system can be implemented
  6. Hugos

    help (string)

    I have a line with "money," this knowledge I frame in "dxDrawText." (For example, You Money: $156,000). I need to change the string (Lua) to get a number separated by a dot, i.e. "156.000," instead of "156000." I need to add dots every 3 digits starting at the end, but I don 't know how to do it properly?
  7. Hugos

    Change MTA serial

    Numery seryjne się nie zmieniają.
  8. I have a function where I get text from "guiCreateEdit," as well as "triggerServerEvent," I need to move my text to the server part. How do I do that? function go(button) if button == "left" then guiGetText(pin) triggerServerEvent("check", resourceRoot) end end
  9. For animation use InterpolateBetween.
  10. Hugos


    On the side of the client I got "guiGetText (...)," I need to move it to the side of the north. Tell me how to do it?
  11. Hugos


    All right, I already figured it out. Everything is much easier... pin = ("" ..string.gsub(guiGetText(PIN), "%D", "").. "") guiSetText(PIN, pin) string.gsub - we replace in line "%D" on "" , and all. guiGetText(PIN) - My line with we enter the text; "%D" - Any letter or symbol other than digit; "" - emptiness;
  12. Hugos

    no limit

    In SA-MP, 0.3.DL realized the ability to add their skins/models without replacement. But we still speak for MTA)
  13. Hugos


    I have a "guiCreateEdit," I need to prohibit the user from entering any characters except numbers. And I need to bring them out using "dxDrawText," but replacing them with "*" (asterisk). How do I do that? addEvent("edit", true) function editbox() PIN = guiCreateEdit(0, 0, 0, 0, "", false) end addEventHandler("edit", resourceRoot, edit) function pin() dxDrawText(guiGetText(PIN), 0, 0, 100, 100, tocolor(0, 0, 0), 1, Font, "center", "center", true, true, true) end (It is string.gsub necessary to use? )
  14. Hugos

    no limit

    It would be good if you could add your skins/machines/objects without replacement. For example, by adding new objects, you simply assign them a passed id.
  15. All hi, such here problem arose: when I use "triggerEvent" in one resource, it starts function necessary to me in a resource necessary to me, but at the same time and in other resource where there is a function with the same name. Which 2 argument must be specified to run on only one resource?
  16. Tell me, please, kind people, how am I supposed to get the radar right? We need to put a map in this red circle. How can do that?
  17. Hugos


    I have a function by means of which I learn car speed: function GetSpeed() if isPedInVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) then vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) px, py, pz = getElementVelocity(vehicle) speed = ((px^2 + py^2 + pz^2)^(0.5)) * 111.847 mph = math.floor(speed) else guiSetVisible(disc, false) guiSetVisible(needle, false) end end I have a speedometer and an arrow (to watch pictures). How to make that the arrow was smoothly scrolled and specified what car speed now?
  18. + edit 9 line outputChatBox("«" ..string.gsub(message, "*", " - ").. "»#C2A2DA, - told " ..getPlayerName(player).. ", ", v, 200, 200, 200, true)
  19. I want to make here so: /todo Text * RP player's.
  20. Yes is that I wanted. And whether it is possible to make still color to "*" and after "*" a miscellaneous?