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  1. Please tell me whether it is possible to "dxDrawRectangle" to attach the function "onClientGUIClick"? If so, then how to do it?
  2. Hugos

    Help, delet cursor

    I use "guiSetAlpha", the field is hidden and the cursor remains. P.S: + What is this script?
  3. Is it possible to remove the cursor from "guiCreateEdit"? (so far found only "guiEditSetCaretIndex")
  4. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    I understand, you need to use the "postGUI"
  5. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    Thank! Text is not displayed. Added timer: setTimer ( function() dxDrawText ( guiGetText(editBox),44, 41, screenWidth, screenHeight, tocolor ( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), 1.0, "pricedown" ) end, 1, 0 ) I already have one function (displays "dxDrawRectangle", "dxDrawText"). How to print "function salh ()" over?
  6. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    Thank, With that sorted out,
  7. Didn't understand the code a bit, but try so! function button() buttonWindow = dgsCreateButton() addEventHandler("onDgsMouseClick", buttonWindow, buttonWindowFunction) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, button) function buttonWindowFunction() dgsCreateWindow() end write the required parameters in parentheses:
  8. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    With that sorted out, i found my mistakes. There is such a question: How do I display text (guiGetText) on the screen when the user enters text in "guiCreateEdit" (in real time)?
  9. Help. I need to create a "guiCreateEdit", focus on it (so that you can enter text immediately) and make it transparent. How?
  10. Hugos

    [Help] Camera

    how to tilt it?
  11. Hugos

    [Help] Camera

    Tell me if you can create a camera and fix it over the player + tilt 90 degrees to get a top view. (as in gta 2)
  12. It not suitable)
  13. I don't know why, but "backspace" doesn't work. (For example, if you change the character to y, q, d, f or s - works)
  14. can the resulting text be output to "DxDrawText"? If so, then how to do it? (Can be example on opportunities? )
  15. What function?
  16. Is it possible to delete the last character when clicking on "backspace"?
  17. You must set a variable with this function: The user enters the characters on the keyboard and they are shown with one line on the screen. How can this be done? (A variable is a string of text)
  18. The text is displayed not in a string, but in a single character on top of another. What to do?