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  1. Tell me, please, kind people, how am I supposed to get the radar right? We need to put a map in this red circle. How can do that?
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    I have a function by means of which I learn car speed: function GetSpeed() if isPedInVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) then vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) px, py, pz = getElementVelocity(vehicle) speed = ((px^2 + py^2 + pz^2)^(0.5)) * 111.847 mph = math.floor(speed) else guiSetVisible(disc, false) guiSetVisible(needle, false) end end I have a speedometer and an arrow (to watch pictures). How to make that the arrow was smoothly scrolled and specified what car speed now?
  3. + edit 9 line outputChatBox("«" ..string.gsub(message, "*", " - ").. "»#C2A2DA, - told " ..getPlayerName(player).. ", ", v, 200, 200, 200, true)
  4. I want to make here so: /todo Text * RP player's.
  5. Yes is that I wanted. And whether it is possible to make still color to "*" and after "*" a miscellaneous?
  6. I have a "/do" team, want to make still "/todo". It works approximately so: function doChat(player, cmd, ...) if ... then local message = table.concat({...}, "") for i, v in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) local xt, yt, zt = getElementPosition(v) if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, xt, yt, zt) <= 10 then outputChatBox("" ..message.. " (" ..getPlayerName(player).. ")", v, 194, 162, 218, true) end end end end addEventHandler("CommmandHandler", getRootElement(), doChat) addCommandHandler("do", doChat) The player writes the message: todo text1*text2 As a result to the player such message is displayed: nickname text1 - told text2 How to me to replace "*" with the text necessary to me?
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    help, as make radar?
  8. Hugos

    Area name

    Whether it is possible to remove somehow inscriptions, standard which specify names of areas?
  9. All hi. Wanted to create such radar: the round radar with a white inking border and the player's marker, and also with grayish color of the card. How it is possible to make it?
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    help (animate)

    InterpolateBetween. As it is correct to make function with animation as it is correct to animate this rectangle. Would like to see at least an example.
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    help (animate)

    I can not figure out this function. Help, please.
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    help (animate)

    my functions: dxDrawRectangle(x/3, y-100, 10, 50, tocolor(255, 50, 65), true) dxDrawRectangle(0, y-100, x/3, 50, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 230), true) I need to animate these DX that they "moved forward" on the left side for 30 seconds and "moved" back. How to make it?
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    Hi everyone! Found here such resource: Unlimited Vehicle. As you have understood by the name it removes limit on cars, that is now it is possible to add the vehicle, without replacing old. Whether it is possible to make, something similar for usual 3D models or skins?
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    Chat Radius

    Hello. Tell me how to make a chat only in a certain radius? For example, 10 meters from the player who writes.
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    If you add this code after 5 lines, then there is no black screen, but the player does not kick.
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    black screen.
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    Hello. I have a question: there is a function with a timer (when a player connects to the server)... --Client local Timer = setTimer(function() if isTransferBoxActive() then else triggerServerEvent("PlayerKick", getLocalPlayer()) end end, 300000, 0) --Server addEvent("PlayerKick", true) function PlayerKick() kickPlayer(source, "Server", "AFK!") end addEventHandler("PlayerKick", root, PlayerKick) How do i kill this timer when a player spawn
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    I have a table "player." It has the fields "username" and coordinates "x", "y", "z". How do I spam the player on the saved coordinates. ???
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    What better way? To players who are not logged in did not occupy the slots? (the player will go to the server and will not enter the account, and the slot will be busy - until he leaves the server.)
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    Help! I need to make a timer function to kick a player who is not spawn 5 minutes after join. How to do it correctly? function PlayerJoin() ... ... ... setTimer(function() kickPlayer(? ? ?) end, 5000, 0) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, PlayerJoin)