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  1. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    Only now understood. Thank you for making my life easier and code! 🧐
  2. I use: removeEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", btn, btn_edit) But the function and the text is not hiding
  3. I have such a function: function btn_edit(button) if button == "left" then name = guiCreateEdit(0, 0, 0, 0, "", false) setTimer(function() dxDrawText(guiGetText(name), 455, 316, 690, 346, tocolor(255, 255, 255), 1, Font13, "left", "center", clip, wordBreak, true) guiFocus(name) guiSetAlpha(name, 0) guiEditSetMaxLength(name, 32) end, 1, 0) end end ( addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", btn, btn_edit) ) Does not work "removeEventHandler". In another function, when I click I hide all the specified functions except this one. I can't understand why she's not hiding. Help, please!
  4. Found another way, easier: Create "guiCreateLabel (x, y, width, height, "", false)", where x, y, width and height are the same as " dxDrawRectangle", and create function "onClientGUIClick"
  5. Please tell me whether it is possible to "dxDrawRectangle" to attach the function "onClientGUIClick"? If so, then how to do it?
  6. Hugos

    Help, delet cursor

    I use "guiSetAlpha", the field is hidden and the cursor remains. P.S: + What is this script?
  7. Is it possible to remove the cursor from "guiCreateEdit"? (so far found only "guiEditSetCaretIndex")
  8. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    I understand, you need to use the "postGUI"
  9. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    Thank! Text is not displayed. Added timer: setTimer ( function() dxDrawText ( guiGetText(editBox),44, 41, screenWidth, screenHeight, tocolor ( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), 1.0, "pricedown" ) end, 1, 0 ) I already have one function (displays "dxDrawRectangle", "dxDrawText"). How to print "function salh ()" over?
  10. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    Thank, With that sorted out,
  11. Didn't understand the code a bit, but try so! function button() buttonWindow = dgsCreateButton() addEventHandler("onDgsMouseClick", buttonWindow, buttonWindowFunction) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, button) function buttonWindowFunction() dgsCreateWindow() end write the required parameters in parentheses:
  12. Hugos

    Help. guiCreateEdit

    With that sorted out, i found my mistakes. There is such a question: How do I display text (guiGetText) on the screen when the user enters text in "guiCreateEdit" (in real time)?