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  1. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/536226938
  2. The download statrts but when it finish i got kicked with this message: "You were kicked from game the game (VF #2 03040d51)"... same for all servers i tried... Help!
  3. drew

    Help Keyboard

    I can't use 2+ keys on MTA since yesterday -.- Yesterday everything was perfect and then i got this issue so i reinstalled windows, all my programs and it worked but today (1daylater) i have same prolem. All my pc components is perfectly working and the rest of my games works fine at this keyboard.
  4. Thanks! I did this steps yesterday and it was fixed but yesterday i got crash again. PD: I tried using many resolutions and borderless window but the crash keep.
  5. drew

    client.dll crash

    I've same problem budy .-.