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  1. Hallo, i have a problem with connecting to server , im getting this error and i dont know what to do. Download error: Error downloading requested files. Couldn't connect to server. [Failed to connect to localhost port 1080: Connection refused] [BugZone/zone_c.luac] Could someone help me ? Thanks.
  2. Hello, i have a small problem, i wanted to play the game after long brake , when i tried to join the server The Servers are not showing for me in the game, i tried everything and i dont know what is the issue. Could someone help me out ? I tried to reinstall erverything, firewalls, im directly connected to internet. my log https://pastebin.com/rTgr4yRA
  3. What you can try is , in settings go to video and then on Fullscreen mode try to set borderless window instead of standard, for many people this setup works. Why it actually works , no idea..
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