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  1. I need a system that works with my website for VIP Purchases. what I want to happen, when the player buys the vip through my website, after payment approved it will automatically receive an activation key in the email and can activate it on the server! I want the complete system and I am able to pay for the system. I have website, hosting, etc. (if in case I need more stuff I also buy if necessary, I just want the system to work!) Written with GOOGLE TRANSLATOR PORTUGUESE to ENGLISH
  2. O Windows tem uns bugs muito estranhos quanto ao uso de CPU que fazem o servidor simplesmente fechar, por isso resolvi optar pelo LINUX
  3. Acabei de optar pelo Debian 7, pois tenho uns tutoriais de 2015 no fórum que podem me servir até o debian. quanto ao debian 9 procurei no forum e só achei coisas relacionadas a erros rsrs!
  4. QUAL O MELHOR SISTEMA PARA RODAR UM SERVIDOR DE MULTI THEFT AUTO? CONFIG DA VPS Localização do datacenter Beauharnois, Canadá VPS 2018 Cloud 3 RAM 8 GB Cores 4 Disco 100 GB
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