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  1. A simple but even more useful script that would fit perfectly to your server, no matter what kind of game mode you have got. This is the my brand new system that I brought to you and that you can buy from me right here and right now: https://payhip.com/b/lLJx Tutorial Basic Informations Compatible with every game mode Contains a custom trailer model Towing a vehicle is independent from other vehicle models Real time synchronization (Every player can see the movements) Low usage Modern methodes, simple design While towing a
  2. What's up, Steve! About your interior customizing system. Did any Brazilian server bougth from you? If so, which ones?

    1. </Steve>


      Please contact me in private message for further informations.

  3. I don't think that I would have to get any permission for that. It's 100% my work, a system that I recreated from another server. It's something like an iPhone dummy.
  4. Yes, it is one of my own recreated script from the original SeeMTA v3 server
  5. I want to offer my Clothes System for sale that works with every game mode and could be a perfect script for any kind of server. Tutorial Video Basic Informations 110 individual models Easy to install and to add more objects Saving and load with JSON and MySQL Possibility for Microtransaktion (Premium Point implemented) Independent from skins Individual Sound Effects Optimized system It works fine with every game mode Price 49.99 € via Paypal You can buy it here fast and safe: https://payhip.com/b/G
  6. I want to offer my Roadblock System for sale that can be a perfect additional for your server. Tutorial video Basic Informations Futuristic UI with smooth effects and animations Easy to use and to setup It contains a lot of unique Sound Effects Easy to integrate more objects and possibilities It contains a notification system 4 Different Roadblock Modells Price 19.99 € via Paypal Or you can buy it here: https://payhip.com/b/Wez1 Contact For more information you can contact me there: Facebook: fac
  7. Hi everyone! I want to offer for sale a simple login panel that can be perfect for servers that are using SMF forums. Tutorial Video Basic informations Easy to use and to set up It supports multilingualism It allows full management in settings Contains shaders that create the effect that can be seen in the video Userfriendly and futuristic interface Uses MySQL and JSON for savings Price: 29.99 € via Paypal Or you can buy it here: https://payhip.com/b/PqB0 Contact For more information you can contact me th
  8. Hi everyone! I want to offer for sale a new sims based interior customizing system that can be a perfect DLC for your server. Basic informations The system contains a lot of individual models More than 340 different furnitures (with corrected offsets) More than 130 different walltextures More than 100 floortextures Userfriendly, sims based interface Optimized systems, that is by modern methode The script is easy to install Possibility for microtransaktion (Premium Points) Adjustable interior size (2x2 - 10x10)
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