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  1. Good afternoon, Community! I think you all have heard about the most famous roleplay server, called SeeMTA v3. This is the game mode that brings the roleplay to the next level and that's why I recreated the script of this server so that it can help somebody, who wants to have a great base for his/her server. Of course I can prove that this script has been made by ME and it has NOT been stolen from the original server. Basic Information: Optimized systems made by modern methods The script is easy to install Possibility for microtransaktion (Premium Points) Modern Design The game mode contains a save-system, that saves all the player datas. (MySQL, JSON) Consumer-friendly and many-sided Interface Systems are easy to develop further Realistic implementation Every system contains suitable sound effects Available languages: english, german, hungarian Tutorial videos: Moveable & Sizeable Interface Navigation System Fuel System Pet System Login & Registration Tuning System Carshop Inventory Craft & Blueprints Premiumitemshop Other Systems: Guarantee I assume a guarantee so that if you would find any bugs in the script then I'll correct them immediately Price & Payment method Price: 350$ Paypal Contact For more information you can contact me there: Facebook: facebook.com/stevenscottmta E-MAIL: stevenscottmta@gmail.com Forum: @</Steve>