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  1. in server: [EV]Hypr0 has joined the game. {DBC}DarkEye: ? [EV]Hypr0 timed out. person who wants to join: Connecting... Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec) me/host: into router only this forwarded:
  2. which port is good? The port is correct, but you're only meant to forward the data to 1 IP (and you don't need TCP either). sorry, I mean the ip, which ip is good? that one in the mtaclient? (host)?
  3. which port is good? (ps. dutch: spreek me anders ff op msn aan als je tijd hebt, gaat wat makkelijker, me engels is niet al te goed )
  4. standard XP firewall? where can I switch it off? I'm able to join the server myself. I have follow this: http://www.zdnet.nl/help.cfm?page=2&id=22476 and I think that firewall is off.
  5. My mta:vc 0.3.1 server doesn't work very well, if people try to join my server they get "timed out.." but in the black venster I see they're trying to join my server. - netwerk (2003 UDP forwarded) - no firewall
  6. please close: http://I_MUST_NOT_POST_HACK_SITES_I_WILL_USE_PM_NEXT_TIME.com ......
  7. MiLaD Cheats. I've got his IP. And he says in dutch he cheats. If you don't believe. mail me: colin.f@zonnet.nl Dutch: (als er iemand uit het mta team nederlands is, mail naar: colin.f@zonnet.nl)
  8. if I set my normal ipadres in mtaclient, it works, but nobody else can come in that game, I see in the blackscreen that somebody is trying to join my game but it didn't work
  9. I can see my server by other in ase, but it's my networkip. How can I change that?
  10. I can now see my server in ASE by other(where al 0.3 mta servers are), but it's not my ip, it's the netwerk ip I see.... How can I change that?
  11. port 5 and 7 on the other screenshot
  12. Line #5 OR #7 is the ONLY one you need to keep. UDP Protocol Port 2003 Public AND Private Set the IP to the SERVER computer. You may want to set the server computer's IP manually if you're going to be running a server. Using DHCP may cause the computer's IP to change. ok thnx, It's now working but I can only join and nobody else....
  13. I want to make a MTA server, but I can't forward the good port in the router, I have tried the follow things: but nothing is working... can someone help me?
  14. Public Port would be 2003 and enter your ip address. and private port? ipadres is the same as in mtaserver.conf?
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