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  1. It would be nice if tanks had more torque, as a bump in the road slows them right down, and small hills have the grinding to a halt. Not sure how possible it would be to adjust individual gear ratio's though? I'm pretty sure "engines" don't even have them to begin with? Just an acceleration and top speed adjustment?
  2. Hello there. I use an Xbox One controller, the joystick works, I can bind the joy buttons, but they do not work in game, only the joystick? Any help please? I can use the trigger buttons while in a tank, but with aircraft no buttons work, only controller?
  3. @Einheit-101 Sounds like a great idea, thanks for hearing me out also A Star Wars server? Sweet! I still play Battlefront II Classic 2005 (Steam) There are active servers on there too!
  4. Mid Game Map Voting (I hate it lol) Great work on the server Ein, your work here deserves more credit. I do have some major issues though, if you would be so kind as to hear them out? Mid game map voting : This is becoming a huge downside to playing SAAW, for the following reasons : > When you are actually winning a battle.... Losing teams often Map Vote throwing away all your hard work, I don't think this needs further emphasis on why this is frustrating and unfair. > Being robbed of ever buying top tier vehicles / restocking ammo trucks etc .. There is nothing worse than having your hard earned $$$ taken from you due to a Mid Game Map Vote, this way the hardest working players are forced to change map and lose everything. You are forced to limit you class choices in this situation also, as to harvest more $$$, top tier vehicles have been removed from most of the maps they once featured in, making this losing grind factor sting even more. > Even when you are losing.... One of the greatest victories one can achieve is that when you turn the tide of battle. You are losing the match, but your luck changes, you and your team mates rally together moral strengthened only to have your turn of good fortune snatched away by a random Mid Game Map Vote. >Losing players in the server .... I'm sure anyone who plays SAAW will agree that most players exit the server due to to a Mid Game Map Change, I play pretty much every day, and see this happen, and i'm certain the above examples are a factor to this. What solidifies this is when mass players exit the server, just the other day we had over 20 players, after the match was interrupted, most of the players left, leaving only 5, including myself. I guess the only argument against removing Mid Game Map Voting is the options available : You have the choice to change the map or press "0" not to change, this however is ultimately flawed, a unified vote that would make the majority of players happy does not exist here, as everyone chooses something different resulting in a minority vote or random conclusion. There is nothing wrong with having multiple choices in this regard, as long as they are required and function in a satisfactory manner. We all enjoy the server, and we all want to have fun. Actually getting to finish a match is very rare now, the post battle screen where you choose your next battle if far more democratic and satisfies everybody. If anyone agrees or disagrees please comment But I do hope we all can agree that this MId Game Map Voting system is redundant and had it's day. Thank you. Punzer Wulf. I forgot to mention, will the Draw Distance issue be fixed anytime soon? Thanks