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  1. Yup, new PC! But my SSD is already full, and I only have 20 games installed, no music or any other bloat. Games are too big these days!
  2. Hey Zom Zom :D Isn't there like 32bit.exe restrictions too? Skyrim is a twat for memory management too, a 32bit app, it loads memory blocks in a stupid way. Guys, I just moved to a new place, got a new PC, so I will join in the chaos soon :) Miss you fams :')
  3. It would be nice if tanks had more torque, as a bump in the road slows them right down, and small hills have the grinding to a halt. Not sure how possible it would be to adjust individual gear ratio's though? I'm pretty sure "engines" don't even have them to begin with? Just an acceleration and top speed adjustment?
  4. Hello there. I use an Xbox One controller, the joystick works, I can bind the joy buttons, but they do not work in game, only the joystick? Any help please? I can use the trigger buttons while in a tank, but with aircraft no buttons work, only controller?
  5. @Einheit-101 Sounds like a great idea, thanks for hearing me out also A Star Wars server? Sweet! I still play Battlefront II Classic 2005 (Steam) There are active servers on there too!
  6. Mid Game Map Voting (I hate it lol) Great work on the server Ein, your work here deserves more credit. I do have some major issues though, if you would be so kind as to hear them out? Mid game map voting : This is becoming a huge downside to playing SAAW, for the following reasons : > When you are actually winning a battle.... Losing teams often Map Vote throwing away all your hard work, I don't think this needs further emphasis on why this is frustrating and unfair. > Being robbed of ever buying top tier vehicles / restocking ammo trucks etc .. There is nothing w
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