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  1. Bro you cant report it here.. Here you can only post bans requests without time period as i think
  2. Avenkz

    Unban Request

    Hey Dear MTA Creators, Serial: 612A0DBA66FBC428D4D402D4CE9F3752 I would like to get unban in MTA i cant join any server anymore because of Reason : DDOS Investigation (Email: MCAK105@outlook.com) also no duration of time but please some mercy if possible today.. Well I will come directly to the main point and will not try to lie around I guess i got banned because of DDOS wich is already more then days ago i did i dont remember but suddently i wanted to play MTA some rounds and noticed today joining Server i got banned well i would like to have an unban its such an Awesome Game making fun i cant live without it i schould had think before doing this but i accept my mistake and with this i promise you MTA Team this will never happen again. I hope you will give me Chance I really dident ddosed for fun i just took some revenge to some who did it to me but this also isnt a right way i know my mistake it wont ever happen again i promise it if it happen again you can ban me forever in MTA but just please give me a chance to get unbanned so fast as possible also my little brother (6 Years ) playing mta and he is mad and crying since morning i did something on purpose with MTA thats why not working. Im ready to do everything just give me a chance and unban i swear and promise with this i wont do anything like this again. I admit it and i know iam guilty but give me a chance. Greetz, Avenkz