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  1. Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but where can I get the cops and robbers script? Also, v3.15's updater is being odd... saying invalid update file. I'm afraid to upgrade manually 'cause there are the words bugged next to v3.16 @ aerons' site. Any suggestions?
  2. Weird? I can seem to unload them fine...
  3. Great update [FMJ]Oli, love the new Advanced Admin section + the kickers.
  4. Yeah it's loads easier just using /msg. You don't even need to type their full name... just use the ID in the score table.
  5. Yay the scripts work fine. Thanks again guys.
  6. Alright Scorp, thanks for the help! I'll try it later on tonight.
  7. Hey guys. Running MTA:MA 3.13 with my MTA 0.4.1 server... everything seems to be fine. The Turfwars script works perfectly... but I'm having issues with 'activating' Manhunt and CTW (Capture the Whoopie). Anyone got any ideas on how to start Manhunt or CTW? Cheers!
  8. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but are there any plans to increase the amount of official game modes beyond DM and Stunt? Cheers!
  9. Excellent to hear you're responding to bugs so soon, so will this patch solve bandwidth and ping issues people are having?
  10. Arf. Seems I can't handle more than 3 people and a Admin connected (not Admin+), without everyone's pings spiking to 1000 constantly and my internet connection being chewed to a point where it takes a minute to load Google. Any ideas on this? In MTA:VC 0.3r2 I could host my friends and an admin connection fine with decent pings and a good gaming experience all round, even with a 256kbit/s upload speed. I had this problem in an earlier version of MTA (can't remember which one) and now it seems to have come back in MTA 0.4. Has anyone got any ideas for this, because this release is kick ass
  11. Clush


    sounds very nice! would syncing be a big issue? oh on the subject of that, will there be better syncing in future release? maybe even... *gasp* near perfect syncing in some future build? powerups would be real fun though
  12. sorry looser according to 99% of the forum it can't be done i really like the idea of cops & robbers though! please make =)
  13. and what a good guide it is too! wow... no "stfu n00b search" posts... nice
  14. Clush

    uber ping

    well... after awhile people, including me get massive pings of around 32000! pings manage to stay stable if i turn off the ASE request function, but i don't know if it was the number of players affecting it majorlly as well (had about 5 people on) anyone else experienced this? oh btw, passwords don't seem to work (yeah i have set the config file right )
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