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  1. @koko1238640 You must attach all the objects together .... Convert your objects to an editable poly then go to modify settings on left side toolbar then see for Edit Geometry options there you must see Attach. see this video at 4.25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @DeadthStrock Did you find a fix for this? Cause i too recently have your problem with the box thing....help pls
  2. So i just created a basic object with 3ds max i made a box gave it texture with material editor exported dff and col then gave txd file finally i see the box but sadly only 3 sides are visible other 3 sides are invisible. If somebody could help ... thanks https://drive.google.com/open?id=1evPZY5YhMWE6CMLRLgYsMtgw7LnXvjwj
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