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  1. slapztea


    you do not claim to be the best assistant on the forum? Thanks for one more resolved question!
  2. slapztea


    This does not work, I even tried another event(OnPlayerLogin), but the effect is the same. It doesn’t work, but as soon as I type the command into the chat (/engine) then everything works bindKey ( playerSource, "L", "down", switchEngine ) BadArgument 'binkKey' [Expected player at argument 1, got account
  3. slapztea


    Error on the same line addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), bindTheKeys) if use root instead getRootElement() the error is the same. so here is what i have --server function switchEngine ( playerSource) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( playerSource ) if theVehicle and getVehicleController ( theVehicle ) == playerSource then local uid = getElementData(theVehicle, "uid") local state = getVehicleEngineState(theVehicle) outputChatBox("Driver", playerSource, 220, 220, 0) setVehicleEngineState(theVehicle,true) elseif not theVehicle then outputChatBox("you are not in car", playerSource, 220, 220, 0) else outputChatBox("Not driver", playerSource, 220, 220, 0) end end addEvent ( "switchEngine", true ) addEventHandler( "switchEngine", root, switchEngine ) function bindTheKeys ( playerSource, commandName ) bindKey ( playerSource, "L", "down", switchEngine ) end addCommandHandler("engine",bindTheKeys) addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), bindTheKeys)
  4. slapztea


    I, apparently, was mistaken with an error Error: Expected player at argument 1, got resource-data Is this another mistake?
  5. slapztea


    if you type the command into the chat /engine then it works as it should, but how to make the necessary function run with the resource without a command? I tried to do through onResourceStart but an error appears and I don’t understand how to solve it. how to fix it? --server side function bindTheKeys ( playerSource, commandName ) bindKey ( playerSource, "L", "down", switchEngine ) end addCommandHandler("engine",bindTheKeys) addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), bindTheKeys) error line: addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), bindTheKeys) Bad Argument @ "addEventHandler" [Expected element at argument 2, got nill]
  6. Everything works as it should, thanks. But I would like to know the nuances about the past code, what is wrong. I added delete colshape but did not post here.
  7. @The_GTA Hi again. One more question about this code. If there are no cars in the radius, how can I check this? For example, if there are no cars in the radius, a chat message is displayed
  8. very nice, everything works perfect, thank you very much!
  9. I made a parameter for each cars "uid" For example, we have setElementData(car,"uid",0) -- car1 setElementData(car,"uid",1) -- car2 How can I open / close, for example, a car with "uid" 0
  10. @The_GTA Okay, but if there are 2 cars nearby, and you need to close only one of them
  11. @Bartje I think it can help, but I don’t understand how to fix it. addCommandHandler("wv", function(player, cmd) local element = "vehicle" local radius = 3 local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) local colshape = createColSphere(tonumber(x), tonumber(y), tonumber(z), tonumber(radius)) for index, value in ipairs(getElementsWithinColShape(colshape, element)) do setVehicleLocked ( element, true ) outputChatBox("lock", player, 220, 220, 0) end end)
  12. How can I interact with nearby vehicles? For example, a car is standing in front of me and I want to close or open door, namely it. How can I do it?
  13. /solved sorry
  14. I did through onPlayerVehicleEnter . When a player gets into the car at night, the headlights turn on for a split second, and after turn off. I would like that when the player got into the car of this inclusion for a split second did not happen The player got into the vehicle and the headlights were initially turned off and did not turn on
  15. Can I turn off the automatic inclusion of headlights at night? Even if I use the command setVehicleLightState the car still turns on the lights for a split second and then turn off even if I indicated that they are off. I mean, there should be no headlights on for a split second. need just force off