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  1. @IIYAMA Can you give me example in code? I can’t understand how to use it correctly. I could only get this but how can i use it in my goal ? local time = getRealTime() local hours = time.hour local minutes = time.minute local seconds = time.second local duration = 10 local endtime = seconds + duration local curtime = hours..":"..minutes..":"..seconds local remaintime = endtime - curtime
  2. For example, an account has a value: setAccountData (acc, "time", "10" ) How to make a timer on the server, by which in a minute this value will be "9" and after another 9 minutes it will become "0" Account must be offline
  3. local health1 = getElementHealth(getPlayerFromName(player)) guiSetText(label1, "HP: "..health1.. " %") How to change digit display format? Now display like this but how to make that there would be a maximum of 2 digits after the decimal point 26.39 %
  4. if current user try to login in account which was registered from another serial I get this error in the console How can I remove this error and allow authorization ?
  5. slapz0r

    Ban player

    How to ban a player if he is not on the server? GetAccountByID I can ban a player by parameter "player" but how to ban by parameter "account" ?
  6. slapz0r

    map teleport

    The file is compiled
  7. @#,xiRocKyz local zifr = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0} addEventHandler("onClientGUIChanged", editMoney, function(element) local chars = table.concat(zifr, ""):gsub("[%(%)%.%%%+%-%*%?%[%^%$]", "%%%1") local editText = guiGetText(editMoney) local replacedText = editText:gsub("["..chars.."]", "") if editText == replacedText then guiSetText(source, "") playSoundFrontEnd(2) end end) Used your example. If you type numbers(zifr) into the edit. numbers are displayed - fine If you use other characters, the characters will not be displayed and sound will be played. - fine BUT If you type "1A" , "213FSDFSFS" and etc - It will work. How to fix it? Other characters except "zifr" should not be displayed
  8. slapz0r

    Language layout

    I just tried to make for login panel, for input fields,label which would determine which language is selected in the Windows language bar
  9. How to do it when you write in guiEdit, for example, the character "A" and it is not written?
  10. slapz0r

    Language layout

    I just need to check the current language of the player in his windows(Language bar in windows) For example, initially the user has English - a message will appear - English As soon as you switch to another language, another message will appear
  11. slapz0r

    Language layout

    but how to get the current language in the user's language layout?
  12. How do i get player current language layout? For example, a player has an English layout: A message will appear in the chat - English layout If the player switches to another language layout, A message will appear in the chat - other layout
  13. slapz0r

    map teleport

    Still need help
  14. Used dgs tools and there is such an opportunity: but how to use the same for gui edit ?
  15. solved my problem with the first option, thanks