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  1. Sorry, but I didn't understand I'm really stupid, you can use an example with creating a blip for an vehicle, and deleting it on the server, please, if it's not difficult
  2. this client side local vehicleBlipRoot = createElement("vehicleBlipRoot", "vehicleBlipRoot") local function streamIn() if getElementType(source) ~= "vehicle" then return end for _, blip in ipairs(getElementChildren(vehicleBlipRoot)) do if getElementAttachedTo(blip) == source then return end end if source == getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) then return end local blip = createBlipAttachedTo(source, 0, 1, 150, 150, 150, 255, 1) setElementParent(blip, vehicleBlipRoot) end addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamIn", root, streamIn) local function streamOut() if getEl
  3. but blip is created only when a player gets into the transport stream zone, then blip is created, and I want to make sure that blip is not created if the player is in the car, and if the transport is already in the player's stream zone and another player got into the car, blip was deleted
  4. Hi how to send information about the created element to the server from the client example : vehicleBlip = createElement('vehicleBlip', 'vehicleBlip') I need to send vehicleBlip to the server I want the blip to be deleted when the player gets in the car how?)
  5. what is the difference example #1 Fuel = { id = { }; -- object = { {611.23419189453, 1694.9637451172, 6.5105047225952}, {607.91522216797, 1699.8511962891, 6.5105137825012}, {2210.05859375, 2474.6975097656, 10.33863067627}, {2200.486328125, 2476.20703125, 10.338635444641}, {2114.7475585938, 928.62805175781, 10.338633537292}, {2114.5134277344, 911.67749023438, 10.33864402771}, {1382.2032470703, 461.80364990234, 19.623880386353}, {-98.42310333252, -1166.6186523438, 2.0666558742523}, {-85.406776428223, -
  6. that is, if I encrypt via https://luac.mtasa.com/, the scripts will not decrypt in any way?
  7. how can I protect my scripts, if possible in more detail
  8. Is there a difference in performance if the entire mod is in 1 resource, or consists of several. Or who is comfortable? And how relevant is it https://luac.mtasa.com/
  9. Hi! Tell me how to use/make the function globally. For example, find out the ID of the connected database. In addition to the export function
  10. Ihnify

    [help] example

    An example of the spawn system
  11. Hi! Please show an example of a good code so that I can continue to work with it approximately (or also)
  12. Please tell me that it is better to use map manager, or mysql/sql database, if possible, show an example.
  13. Ihnify

    Tips, examples

    understand, thanks. if you are Russian, it was possible in Russian)
  14. Ihnify

    Tips, examples

    I understand, and is it ok to use it? Or better element data?
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