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  1. im all ready gettin footage for my next video alotta pcj stuff, but some w/cars too
  2. I used regular gta for most of em a few were mta:vc, but mods regular im glad u liked it
  3. there is one, replay handler by nozero
  4. MNK for ever! you cant stop us hahhahaha
  5. this forum was dead and like 4 pgs were just added over the MNK thing
  6. hehhe nice screenies. i posted that on liek page 2
  7. ok, heres a link for that stuff http://flamingtext.com/tools/figlet/
  8. Do you have any acsii art? post it, i want to see some
  9. except that mta replays are only like 7 seconds. nice moveie . i know it drives me crazy when my PC starts laggin whenever i start FRAPS. nice Music
  10. i mean the software 2 transfer the files 2 the player. it is an Audiovox MP-1000 (model # mp1000) compatibly mode dosent work
  11. [MNK]MiNdLeSs


    ok, i got this mp3 player from my friend and it works great. there is one downside. it is only win 95/98 compatible. do u think that its possible to edit the .dll files somehow to work with xp?
  12. Yeah, the hostng company(DV3) has been having some prblems so i am gonna put it on tga
  13. Use the Ultimate trainer by Lith Joe and use the garage editor to make explosion/fire/damage proof bikes/cars, ect
  14. LOL the quality would have to be 2 mbs
  15. Thanks. Im glad u liked it. Even though its a bit big, i think its worth it.
  16. i'll just use my cell phone, got plenty of minutes. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lol, im not gonna call mike! ewwwwwwww lol, j/k
  17. My New Stunt video is out!. it is a bit large, and the connection isnt the fastest, but it will do for now High Quality: Low Quality: It is mostly modded. there is one clip (from mta) that looks like its modded, but the img file is changed. i hope u enjoy it Edit: links fixed
  18. [MNK]MiNdLeSs


    Hey, dgtadude, Is the DV3 server(s) down? i cant access them and my connections just time out. thanks -OrIoN
  19. i always use that in sp i use arrows up and down to shift weight and shift and sbace for gas and brake. you can get some good stunts with that
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