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  1. Thank you , i fixed my script . Actually this was not the problem but the thing that " killTimer " will actually destroy the timer really helped me find the issue with my script (i thought killTimer pauses the timer) . Thank you once again mate
  2. So this checks if the timer is running and if it is , it's doesn't Enable the event ? I don't want this . I want it to delete the timer and enable the event if a timer is running.Also killTimer won't destroy the timer it only pauses it.
  3. Can you guys please tell me how i can make the existing timer to be deleted when i do the /startdf command twice (you can see it toggles the event ON/OFF) ? i want to delete the on-going timer when i do the /startdf command once the event is started so that when i start it again , it will start from 100. Here is my code Server Side function EnableEvent(thePlayer) times = times + 1 if times == 1 then addCommandHandler("dfrustler",EventWarp) outputChatBox("Dog Fight Event Warps are now open",_,255,255,255,true) outputChatBox("You Opened the Dog Fight Event Warps, You can cancel the event by typing this command again",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) timer = setTimer(triggerClientEvent,1000,100,'startCountDown',root) else times = 0 removeCommandHandler("dfrustler",EventWarp) -- COMMAND TO WARP TO THE EVENT outputChatBox("Dog Fight Event Warps are now Closed",_,255,255,255,true) triggerEvent('eventOFF',root) end addCommandHandler('startdf',root,EnableEvent) Client Side addEvent('startCountDown',true) count = 0 function startCount() if count == 0 then count = 100 end count = count-1 function startTheClock() for k,player in ipairs(playerList) do if getLocalPlayer() == player and count ~= 0 then dxDrawText("EVENT STARTING IN",x-1200,y-1000,_,_,_,1.5,"bankgothic") dxDrawText(tostring(count),x-1000,y-950,_,_,_,1.5,"bankgothic") end end end addEventHandler('onClientRender',root,startTheClock) if count == 0 then -- WHAT HAPPENS WHEN COUNTDOWN REACHES 0 removeEventHandler('onClientRender',root,startTheClock) if #playerList < 2 then -- KILLS EVERYONE AND STOP EVENT IF PARTICIPANTS < 2 triggerServerEvent('eventON',root) else triggerServerEvent('eventOFF',root) end end end addEventHandler('startCountDown',root,startCount) the problem with this is when i do /startdf the event starts and hence the countdown too (from 100 - 0) but when i do the /startdf command again it is supposed to cancel the event and kill everybody inside the event but when i do that the timer will still go on and it bugs the entire script. I tried my best to explain my problem to you guys...
  4. Okay so here is my problem. I am making a script which will make a text appear on the clients screen while he is attacking a rival clan base and i want that text to appear only while that player is shooting. I have tried a lot of ways and nothing seems perfect, like i was able to make the text appear only while he is shooting but it keeps blinking and thats not how i want it to be seen...i am a beginner so please reply to this asap if you have a solution to this.
  5. Oki , i haven't been coding since a month on MTA cuz of my exams and yea we can also execute the function by just calling it.
  6. Its because this is a function and to execute the code inside a function , you have to trigger it using a command (addCommandHandler) or an event (addEventHandler). You can fix your code by just adding addCommandHandler('car',root,createCar)
  7. addCommandHandler('players',root function(thePlayer) outputChatBox("Current number of players: "..tostring(getPlayerCount()),thePlayer) end
  8. We are extremely happy to announce that our forums( saegrpg.com )is back online ! We have added new designs and much more .Register your account now and explore it yourself
  9. @Casti SAEG didn't steal the scripts mate , they made all of em by them selves . I have been an Admin there ( i don't play that server anymore though)and i have seen their dev's burning their heads to make their scripts,they have real scripters .But of course I know that most of their scripts look similar and its only cuz almost everyone on SAEG was playing a famous RPG server and all of em were inspired by their scripts and the devs could not think of anything new while building this server and the player loved those scripts too .But now they have changed , they are trying to change all their scripts and Designs to make their server look more unique cuz recently i heard that they were losing a lot of players (server was almost dead) cuz they were going back to that big server that i mentioned before. So, take a look by yourself before criticizing it . In my opinion , even though SAEG isn't the best RPG server out there its better than most of the other RPG servers like S*UG, SA*L etc... .
  10. Improvements updates added and patched almost every abusable glitches . Join now !
  11. We are at 20+ players In game guys ! We are giving away 2M in game money if we manage to hit 30 players so join now !
  12. Guys , while I was going through the posts of other servers and the replies I found out that most of these servers lack a good staff team and dev's.This is why I recommend you guys our community called SAEG . No matter how new you are to MTA , we will help you out with great patience .Our staff team has a total of 10 staffs for having a 24/7 complete moderation on our server so that not even a single report goes un-noticed. You may ask "Why a big staff team while your server has like 15-20 players?" . Well ,our staffs are not (24/7) active like the others and this is cuz we are not recruiting staffs according to their activity or donations.You might see our staffs having like 200hr playtime while a normal player has like 1000 or 800 hrs of playtime. We recruit the staffs according to their ability to help those who are in need cuz we believe that everyone can do the other stuffs like mute,jail,kick etc if they have enough access's . Our staffs are told to always give enough warning to players who has lesser playtime like 20hrs or less. I am very sure that you guys will not have a single complaint against our staff team and if you are looking for a server with good scripts and helpful and friendly staffs, we will be always glad to have you in our community.
  13. We are at 24 players ! Join our forums ( link : saegrpg.com) to be informed of our new giveaways and announcements!.
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