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  1. Hi everyone!! I'm looking for a head system which is: The User register a new character, and then he choose the CJ skin. ((That point is already done)). - After that, open a panel where character could change his head. But the body keeps as CJ body. - Then, the character could go to shops to buy clothes, shoes, hats... whatever because he's using CJ body, but with other head. - One problem is the skin color, because if u are using a white head, u couldn't have black hands , as CJ body. I'm using Paradise Gamemode If someone knows how to do that, please contact me,
  2. Hi guys We were finishing a roleplay sv, but the scripter gone. We need someone who could help us. We could pay something. The things are: fix a bug that duplicates item (When you give something to other player, the item stills in your inventory); create a penalty fee system (for police). And anything more. Thank u so much. Add: sorry for my english
  3. Hola, buenas. Estamos terminando un sv pero el anterior scripter se fue. Está casi terminado. Falta arreglar un bug que se duplican los item al dárselo a otro jugador, y crear un sistema de /multas para la facción de la policía. También alguna cosilla más. Se podría pagar algo, pero eso se pactará con la persona que lo realice. Un saludo.
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