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  1. Attn, mr. Malakai: Two of your old vids have been added to TGA's collection; you can find them here: Malakai - The 2nd Stunt Project Malakai - The Final Stunt Project That is all, have a nice day.
  2. Perhaps I could offer deeper insight into this... I've had this problem with a saved game of mine since January. I'm pretty sure it first appeared soon after I saved my game by accident while having used several cheats. That is to say, whenever I'd do something in a location that would trigger the Unique Stunt slomo, the camera would stay in its fixed cinematic position and the game would never go out of slomo after I'd landed and the stunt was over. I soon concluded the bug was savegame-specific and probably caused by something written wrong in the file (or gta_vc.set possibly), as loading o
  3. If I was them, I'd keep adding a 9 after the decimal point every day
  4. Hmmm, just saw this. What are you talking about Bump? First time this happened to me was 3 weeks ago and like I said it was simply during a moment of carelessness. Moreover, I'm certainly not one to indulge in (much less start) immature games like that, so what gives? Back on topic, my point is you made a decision some months ago about the verbal freedom in the official MTA servs for everyone among the adolescent and (mostly) adult crowd that frequents there. In the end, it may've been just as annoying as it was helpful at times and it might've been a bit extreme. That's what I'm saying. Jus
  5. Unless you're asking the philosopher, I'm suggesting this for MTA, not GTAt.
  6. Thx for reminding me Gf. Pretty old Q I wanted to ask, but had forgotten about: How about enabling the direction keys during ingame chatting in future versions? After all they don't do anything when you type since there's no blinking cursor or something to move and it would save ppl from inadvertently doing stuff like rolling into the sea in their car while typing a fast msg. I've heard the stories .
  7. Shout out to Luigi for his Fallout 2 desktop icon (y).
  8. A prototype car-minijet was demonstrated some 8 years ago. I remember watching it on TV. Basically an aerodynamic-looking car with 2 jet engines sticking out from its back and 2 clipped wings. Only prob is, it was too fokn expensive to ever enjoy massive popularity. Just thought I'd let ya know. If you were thinking anti-grav, that's another story... BTW, I bet Tool_Box is laughing his ass off right now.
  9. Heh, first time I've seen the TCats insignia in this msg board. Looks pretty cool too, which also made me go check out your site and I loved your 256x256 ones even more. 256x256x3 is truely awesome! Hope you don't mind if I give that url around to a few folks . Why would you name them "tomcat" though? Odd... Anyways your banners seem simplistic and sleek enough for my taste, so I'll say good job on those as well. You could also try applying some other variations to them besides different colour palettes, see how ppl react to those. Keep it up.
  10. Newb admin on a power trip? Who are you kid, where did you crawl out from and who gave you the (clearly false) impression you're god? This seemed funny at first, but seriously now, snotty tits like that are the last things the official 10 needs...
  11. Actually replays don't always save the last 30 secs regardless of whether you've touched F3 or not. There seem to be a few "trigger" events, such as getting knocked down from your bike, which if should occur, the system will just flush any action before that. This can be a reason for a replay ending up shorter than 30 secs. Replays' size also varies (and that's one way to estimate how long they could be) in the sense that they can be of the following filesize format and only that: 100,000*x+8 bytes, 1<=x<=8. The reason for such quantization is unknown to me - and most others probably -
  12. Have you guys tried installing newer drivers for your onboard sound cards before you disabled them?
  13. Agreed. 2 weeks ago I absent-mindedly said "oxymoron" while talking about something in the 10 player official and guess what happened. And this is merely one of thousands of examples... It's time the "curse words" autokicking AND the msg boards post parser got ditched. Or is Bump the only one calling the shots all over the place?
  14. W0rd on Db's 1st post; my thoughts exactly. Also, I'll take ya up on that when I get my DSL back, count on it. BTW, no need to hide behind anything when a copter's after you. Better to be fast than yellow .
  15. I hate this blue "sticking tongue out" one: . I mean wtf? It doesn't even match the rest of them and looks like he's choking to death and his tongue pops out as a reflex move. Get rid of it and get the normal one back. Whose bright idea was it to have 645 emots anyway? Anyway, bad air day's decent and so is this one -> !
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