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  1. ChuKaPi

    Quartz Family

    qF currently has a group on SAUR, which has a level 5 base (Bases can only be bought with real money) Perks: Car spawner ~with 100k in-game money plus prices Plane spawner, a plane worth 410k in-game money Vehicle Repair Weapon Creator and more... So if you want to try out playing SAUR, get a boost by being a member of qF, we will help you improve and teach you how things work on that server.
  2. ChuKaPi

    Quartz Family

    Quartz Family Who are we? Well we are the Quartz Family ofc. The server we mostly play is SAUR, it is fun and also competitive where you can do what you want except flaming, trolling, etc. We love to have fun together, and that we will never fight each other. Hierarchy: MotriXon - Leader kUMPEL - Leader ChuKaPi - Co-Leader Vilinka - Co-Leader Tonzza - Co-Leader If you are interested to join, you can apply here ~Format~ Results Discord Link: ~We check applications daily, also good luck~
  3. I'm also experiencing the same problem, but I have three audio cards installed. It says GTA can't find neither one.