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  1. Fast and secure buy link: https://payhip.com/b/Kk1u - Tutorial to config everything - Tutorial to add features - Tutorial to add Skins/Clothes/Helmets/Emotes, etc. - Download Image of JS - Multilanguage(Spanish/English/BR) - Fast and beatiful login - Music login - HUD inspired on JS - Inventory bases on JS - Fast change of weapons with 1,2,3,4 - Set visible HUD with F5 - Items translated - Crafting System - Cars of JS - Season Pass - Custom Helmets of H1Z1 - VIP System - Builing System - Raiding System - Custom objects of buiding - HUD Weapons, Life,
  2. I put this on the client side: function setTheObjectUnbreakable(object) setObjectBreakable(object,false) end addEvent("setTheObjectUnbreakable",true) addEventHandler("setTheObjectUnbreakable",root,setTheObjectUnbreakable) And this in the server-side: -- I created an object like this local tOb = createObject(ob['model'], ob['x'], ob['y'], ob['z'], ob['rx'], ob['ry'], ob['rz']) -- setTimer(function() if ob['health'] > 0 then triggerClientEvent("setTheObjectUnbreakable",root,tOb) end end,1000,1,tOb) But this doesn't work. Where is the problem?
  3. Hello, I made a script wich creates an object with some properties. The problem is when I crash my car with the object, the object breaks. It breaks like a fence. There is some function to make the object invincible to car crashes? I created the object in server-side. Thanks.
  4. I have discovered that it is not (getElementData (source, "KD")). Actually it's "getElementData (player," DayZAsesinatos ") / getElementData (player," DayZMuerte ")". But try to change the (local KD) in line 2 with that information, but it did not work. I just fixed. Thank you very much for the help. It was a problem to change "player" to "source".
  5. Basically the (getElementData (source, "KD")) results in the case of my account = 0.5 And in line 3 of the code should take effect, but it does not. Why could it be?
  6. In this code I try to make it possible to add new data to the user, depending on certain conditions of "getElementData (source," KD "), but it says" Attempt to concatenate a boleean value. "And the data is not a boolean, it is a I do not understand the error.. It's server side. The data( getElementData(source, "KD") ) its a number type. I do not want to do something difficult, I just want that when I log in I set a text in a data, where I can use it in a gui on client side. Can you help me? Thank you function SetearDatas() if((getElementData(source, "KD")) < 1) then s
  7. que grande con el ysy a y el neo pistea
  8. I think it's mine. Otherwise I would not have it in my files. It is an edition of a script that a friend has given me. He asked me to change it and that I did. It has been much better. If what I have edited and changed radically is from another author, I do not know it. The only thing that is, that is a very useful script for many servers that need a system of bases and raids.
  9. Price: 14,99 USD Include tree chop system Buy the script: https://payhip.com/b/9cjf
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