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  1. True, but 1) Doesn't look like gta3 2) Only an ulra-small part is done.
  2. As far as I know, MTA only checks handling.cfg. So all you had to do, really, was to backup your modded handling.cfg so that you could use it for single player, and put an unmodded one in its place.
  3. I forgot to mention it, but I already set it for performance instead of quality. Any other suggestions?
  4. I think this is a case of "Client verification failed" problem. Reinstall GTA. It must be unmodded.
  5. Oh yeah, great advice, I couldn't figure THAT out. Any software solutions?
  6. K. Help me. Pentium 4 2.4A 1.5 GB ram nVidia FX5200 128 mb ram. Windows XP Professional Corporate I get like 18-20 fps on lowest possible settings.
  7. I have a link pointing to 7 GB of music. Works just fine. So amount isn't the problem.
  8. I had that. Windows XP Professional Corporate Edition Pentium 4 2.4A 1.5 gb ram - different manufacturers (2 from gigaram, 1 unknown (from chinese store)) nVidia FX5200 128 mb (Chaintech) 1.1.1 fixed it all
  9. Jani, a real noob wouldn't know he's a noob.
  10. Can any1 point me to a caps kicker and votekick? (For GUS x14)
  11. There were so many bugs in 1.1 that i was afraid they might stay =\
  12. Hm nvm.... No more freezes after I downloaded 1.1.1. BUT! I lost all teh maps in my server. Can someone recommend me a program to undelete files?
  13. After I start playing on almost any map, mtasa freezes! I use crashkiller to take it out =\ Any suggestions?
  14. How do I manually update racelist? It doesn't update by itself =(
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