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  1. @Ab-47 Thank you for your answer ! Here, I also wanted to save multiple objects. Accordingly, I had to save multiple IDs on accountData. As I know, setAccountData can't store tables on account. If I want to save IDs 11, 12 and 13, what should I do here ?
  2. hello guys, i was trying to make it save object when i reconnect can anyone help me? [[ Client ]] function finel () local item = guiGridListGetSelectedItem (myGirld) ID = guiGridListGetItemText (myGirld, item,3) body = guiGridListGetItemText (myGirld, item,4) rot = guiGridListGetItemText (myGirld, item,5) prices = guiGridListGetItemText (myGirld, item,2) triggerServerEvent( "give",localPlayer,prices,ID,body,rot) showCursor(false) destroyElement(window) end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", buying, finel) [[ Server ]] local obj = {} function maske_
  3. hello guys, can anyone help me in this problem


    hello guys, there's somethings happened with me today in my server, so i want to tell you all about it, i think i will find someone help me, today when i was in server i saw two people joined my server they wasn't has a flag in scoreboard to know where are they from and after some mints when they joined i saw something weird sever got lag and network trouble and all players was saying server is lagging and i was trying to kick them from admin panel and i did after long time and when i kicked them server fixed, so can anyone help me to tell me what are they was doing or there's something i need
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