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  1. ANOTHER UPDATE, apparently, if I unplug the headphones WHILE I am on a server on MTA, I have sound for the game, if I plug in the headphones again, the sound still comes from the monitor I have
  2. MTA runs smoothly as well, it just doesn't have sound at all, also the drivers are updated
  3. Another Update, I uninstalled GTA San Andreas and installed it again, as intstructed, I did not start the game up, I went to Documents and deleted the gta_sa.set file, I also checked in my installation folder and I did not find D3D9.dll. I then installed MTA and immediately after it I installed the latest patch, after that I started MTA and clicked on Host Server, it had no sound after it loaded fully, I exit MTA then open up GTA San Andreas to see if it would freeze again, to my surprise, it didn't freeze this time and runs nice, so MTA is still muted
  4. It is allowed man, it just seems that whatever the issue is, it's from MTA most likely, because if I uninstall MTA and reinstall GTA San Andreas it works nice again! Another strange thing is that I do select for every setting and files to be deleted so nothing remains from both games, yet MTA still has the configuration with Space being jump and usually it should've been space run you know what I mean? Even San Andreas has the save files even tho I did select to uninstall EVERYTHING
  5. Update, I uninstalled both games, I then instaleld GTA San Andreas, started it up, it worked mighty fine, no problems, I wait a bit to see if something changes these days, nothing, I proceed to install MTA, I start MTA, connect to a random server, no sound at all, I disconnect and exit the game, I start up GTA San Andreas, load game, it froze and I have to restart the PC
  6. Thanks for taking a moment from your time to help me out with this, I will try to do the stuff you told me about right now, I'll keep you updated with the end results, also, MTA is installed in another directory, in Drive D, don't know why it shows that it's in C
  7. I reinstalled GTA San Andreas first and I started it up after it, the game worked but when I reinstalled MTA, I still had it muted and the Single Player froze again when I tried loading a game file or start a new game, and the only thing I can do to get ANY response from my PC is to restart it
  8. Hello there everyone, I'm new around here, I have this problem with MTA, it's muted, and GTA Single Player freezes on the main menu when I select to load a game or start a new game. I used the MTADiag and it gives me this link https://pastebin.mtasa.com/360871423, thank you in advance for helping and checking my problem out
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