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  1. TheThe

    mta timed out

    Yes I have a router but my internet is good and there are no problems so its weird..do you have a tips what to do?
  2. TheThe

    mta timed out

    yes but i said its not only 1 server , its whole mta servers , whole..but do you know aobut this problem or no?
  3. TheThe

    mta timed out

    its not about my internet or the server , its Happens for me in the whole mta servers.. i dont know how to fix it , so what to do?
  4. TheThe

    mta timed out

    hi , since something like 2 months ago , i have a problem that every 20-30min i am getting timed out during i am playing Clan Wars , i dont have something wrong in the folder and i dont know how to fix it , when i am getting timed out It shows me: disconnected: connection to the server was lost. and i can back to the servers after few seconds.
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