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  1. I I do not use vps or vds. But I want a Skype service, for example, when a user registers his information in the registry database. At remotemysql.com, this is not the full access, and the information should be recorded. There is a way or a service. Which has full access.

  2. On 17/04/2019 at 02:15, Ab-47 said:

    Could you be more specific about what you want?

    I could walk you through setting it up or creating one yourself. 

    Hi, I'm going to kick off a player who has been afk-free for more than 30 minutes without sleep, and the player who wanted to afk for more than 5 minutes has kicked off the chats for all the server's player, and the playerName Kicked By ParsMTA -Bot Reason: Afk 30min withou sleep, something like this or the like. I'm glad to explain the complete separation of the client file and the file server and the meta inside them what to write.

  3. Hi I need an anti-afk source
    Please give me one and tell me how to set up
    I have this source but did not work even with acl access in the admins section

    I am a beginner. Please explain well. Thank you for the quick answer.

  4. Hi, I want a source to be shot from inside the car. I'm a beginner. Please explain well





    Hi, I want a source to be shot from inside the car. I'm a beginner. Please explain well




    help fast...
  5. Hello friends

    help me quickly


    Today I wanted to add a home system to my server!
    But where did I get this Mysql question or find out?
    I got remotemysql.com but did not work!

    The localhost works well with the xampp program!
    Can you now find out where is my mysql home system?

  6. 18 hours ago, Ayush Rathore said:

    Client Side:

    addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), function() destroyElement(source) end)

    Server Side:

    function deleteVehicleOnBurst()
    addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), deleteVehicleOnBurst)

    This should do the trick. 😉


    I am a beginner, please tell me where to write or add?

  7. Hello friends

    Please help me respond quickly.

    I do not get out of the car after the blast when I make the car, and the car blows up on a busy map and busy.

    I do not know what I mean or not, but I do this photo to find out what I'm saying.

    As you can see, this car remains and does not go after bursting.

  8. Recently, I became interested in a server that contains good resources.
    The owner of that server does not care about it.
    But I recently called a server and I want to run that server's resources on my server.
    I do not have access to this server and its resources are out of date
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ MTA San Andreas 1.5 \ mods \ deathmatch \ resources
    I took.
    But I have problems.
    Including the absence of the META.XML file
    How can these resources be used and implemented?

    (Sorry For Bad English)

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