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  1. How add signs "A-a, ..., Z-z", "0-9",".", "_" , "@" for white list ? And check if login_edit then do not add "@" ?
  2. How to check for signs and prohibit pressing the spacebar in guiCreateEdit ?
  3. Zcraks

    table problem

    local button = {} function menu button[1] = ... button[2] = ... function click () if source == button ??????? and source ~= guiWind then if source == button[1] then ... How to check for all buttons?
  4. Zcraks


    for k,i in pairs(pickups) do local pickup[k] = createPickup( i[1], i[2], i[3], i[4], i[5], 0) end function onPickupH (thePlayer) for k,v in pairs(pickups) do if source == pickup[k] then local num = k spawnPlayer(thePlayer,num[v][7],num[v][8],num[v][9],-40,getElementModel(thePlayer), v[10],0) end end end addEventHandler("onPickupHit", root, onPickupH) server.Lua:2 unexpected symbol near '['
  5. -- [register] local passwordHash = passwordHash(password,"bcrypt",{}) if (passwordHash) then ... -- [login] outputDebugString(password) -- true outputDebugString(passwordHash) -- true if (passwordVerify(password, passwordHash)) then ... else outputDebugString("Account not found") end -- Why is the password still does not match ?
  6. Zcraks


    Why id = nil ? dbQuery(function(query) local result = dbPoll(query, -1) if result then setElementData(ThePlayer, "id", id) end end, MysqlLink, "SELECT id FROM account WHERE 'login'=?", login)
  7. Zcraks

    clothing system

    How to make customization by type CJ ?
  8. Zcraks

    Working limit

    while playersInJobs["Job"] == 10 do while playersInTurn["Job"] == 0 do if playersInTurn["Job"][1] and isElement ( playersInTurn["Job"][1] ) then outputChatBox ( "Go to the job" , playersInTurn["Job"][1] ) one = (playersInTurn["lawn"][1]) timer = setTimer(function (one) table.remove(playersInTurn["lawn"], one) outputChatBox("Time is out", one) end, 20000, 1) break end end end How to make it work?
  9. Zcraks

    Working limit

    if #playersInJobs["job-name"] <= 9 and #playersInTurn["job-name"] ~= nil then for k,i in ipairs(playersInTurn["job-name"]) do player = getPlayerFromNick (playersInTurn["job-name"][i]) if player ~= false then outputChatBox ("Go to job !", player) end end end How to make sure that when a place becomes available, it notifies the first player in the queue ?
  10. Zcraks

    Working limit

    for k, i in ipairs(playersInJobs["job-name"]) do while playersInJobs["job-name"][i] do if i == element then table.remove(playersInJobs["job-name"], i) end end end Why not removed from the table?
  11. Zcraks

    Working limit

    Hi. How to make a limit on jobs? If 10 places and 10 players work, then you will be told that "There are no places".
  12. outputChatBox dont workin on server side
  13. localPlayer. This variant dont working triggerServerEvent ("setAnim",localPlayer, localPlayer) The fucntion on server side "setAnim" Event dont started