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  1. local function backspacePress ( button, press ) if button == 'backspace' and press then if value ~= 'none' then editBox[value] = utf8.sub(editBox[value], 1,utf8.len(editBox[value])-1) end end end addEventHandler("onClientKey", root, backspacePress ) How do I create a condition where if a player presses the "backspace" button, the characters are deleted until the player releases the button ?
  2. I dont use the GUI. What to do then?
  3. When starting the login panel, I can use different binds. How can they be turned off for a while?
  4. Dont working dxCreateFont quality. local font = dxCreateFontClient("font.otf", 100, false, "cleartype_natural" )
  5. Zcraks

    Custom radar

    Hi, who knows to how a create custom circle radar ?
  6. Hi, who knows how to create a character clothes system ? Don't CJ system.
  7. x1, y1 = getScreenFromWorldPosition(v[1]+0.5, v[2], v[3]+1) x2, y2 = getScreenFromWorldPosition(v[1]+0.5, v[2], v[3]) ... getDistanceBetweenPointAndSegment2D(clickedX, clickedY, x1, y1, x2, y2) attempt to call global "getDistanceBetweenPointAndSegment2D" (a nil value)
  8. Hi, how create a click for dxDrawMaterialLine3D ?
  9. How add signs "A-a, ..., Z-z", "0-9",".", "_" , "@" for white list ? And check if login_edit then do not add "@" ?
  10. How to check for signs and prohibit pressing the spacebar in guiCreateEdit ?
  11. Zcraks

    table problem

    local button = {} function menu button[1] = ... button[2] = ... function click () if source == button ??????? and source ~= guiWind then if source == button[1] then ... How to check for all buttons?
  12. Zcraks


    for k,i in pairs(pickups) do local pickup[k] = createPickup( i[1], i[2], i[3], i[4], i[5], 0) end function onPickupH (thePlayer) for k,v in pairs(pickups) do if source == pickup[k] then local num = k spawnPlayer(thePlayer,num[v][7],num[v][8],num[v][9],-40,getElementModel(thePlayer), v[10],0) end end end addEventHandler("onPickupHit", root, onPickupH) server.Lua:2 unexpected symbol near '['
  13. -- [register] local passwordHash = passwordHash(password,"bcrypt",{}) if (passwordHash) then ... -- [login] outputDebugString(password) -- true outputDebugString(passwordHash) -- true if (passwordVerify(password, passwordHash)) then ... else outputDebugString("Account not found") end -- Why is the password still does not match ?
  14. Zcraks


    Why id = nil ? dbQuery(function(query) local result = dbPoll(query, -1) if result then setElementData(ThePlayer, "id", id) end end, MysqlLink, "SELECT id FROM account WHERE 'login'=?", login)
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