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  1. Point Blank


    hahaha no doubt
  2. Point Blank


    actualy cam dosnt see the need for a forum no more if all it will be used for is flaming there for we are all on irc
  3. haha i have no idea where quig is and i added u guys
  4. so its that time of year again , so whos up for it if not ill take u off the member list from last year
  5. Point Blank


    boo lol seems every one has laid back for a while haha
  6. so what about a bash in the party server ?
  7. okay should we have a clan get together real soon in the party server ?
  8. i shall do that lol i just gotta remember who they all are lol
  9. ok where full not accepting members no more
  10. I fixed up the member list , i mixed the old with the new , i kept the ones we had last year because im sure they are still down , if not let me no and i will remove u from the list
  11. i am santa u aint gettin nuttin this year for sayin that lol
  12. so we can get our shit 2gether and get every thing straight and pwn it up a bit till christmas then own it up even more lol