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  1. If I create lines with (dxDrawLine3D) and I click one of the lines how can I turn the clicked line color to red, or size to bigger ? How can I detect which line was clicked?
  2. HELP How "onVehicleEnter" or "onVehicleEnter" and "onVehicleExit" or "onClientVehicleExit" works like the animation, ped automatically search the front left door, then open anim... If I press the F button which anims are activated and how this function work ? I want to create a script, when I close enough to one ped(createPed) then ped automatically finds the nearestdoor, and enter the vehicle... I already have some functions my ped can detect cars, can find the nearest door, after that I calculate the rotation of the ped, where the ped have to walk (setPedAnimation)...
  3. I know this functions but I dont know the calculations. I made this but if I move a cursor sometimes the cursor goes faster then object...I need math to solve this, but I dont know math...
  4. Its not good because if you want to move in X axis the object move faster than cursor...
  5. dxDrawLine3D ( x, y+1, z1, x, y, z1, tocolor ( 255, 0, 0, 230 ),2,true)--x dxDrawLine3D ( x+1, y, z1, x, y, z1, tocolor ( 0, 255, 0, 230 ),2,true)--y dxDrawLine3D ( x, y, z1, x, y, z1+1, tocolor ( 0, 0, 255, 230 ),2,true)--z Hi! How can I create this mover ? I dont know the calculations to move dxDrawLine3D. Thanks for help.
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