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  1. hello, i was trying to edit the realdriveby to make it players can't shoot from bikes and disable some weapons like deagle and colt and shotgun and sawed-off and mp5 but when i edit the script it still working with bikes and all weapons too can anyone help me in it?
  2. but if i did that the player cant move faster with weapon like the sneak style i just want the sneak style with the default running of default you got me?
  3. i think you didnt got me i mean the running mode of sneak like when you u press alt and moving with sneak style ped moving slowly anyway thank you for trying to help me
  4. i know but as i see in other servers they can edit it and much servers change the running of sneak style
  5. hello guys, i've got script to change players style to sneak but when i press alt and moving its shown like bad can anyone help me to make the running like default with sneak style?
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