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  1. using peds is problematic when playing net, but is a good idea to implement peds if you play on LAN (i think 10/100 is enough ) The question is: could be the possibility of use peds/traffic/police/mission if you wish ? when playing on net it is desactivaded and when playing on lan.....men this rocks
  2. Probably newer version of MTA will be oriented to support San Andreas (i think that PC version will not have built-in net support yet, I think that Rockstar really does not care too much...)
  3. migui


    Which antivirus are you using? what virus is detected? Probably your antivirus thinks mta is a virus because mta checks if you are using trainers, and thinks it is trying to do something...
  4. it crashes with 1.1 and disconects me because of suspected trainer usage even without starting the game
  5. Parece que el MTA 0.4 va mucho mejor y no da tantos problemas
  6. migui

    MTArc Thread.

    i could translate the Manual.doc to spanish............what about that? Well i finally did it without a doubt grab the file HERE And you can grab a copy of MTArc-1.0 HERE
  7. i can´t remenber now with exactitude, but i think that was an ULK member. just close your eyes and imagine.......... he was near the water fountain and was about to pick up a van then i aproacched to him quickly and caught him from behind, bullets went through his whole body like cheese and he fell died bleeding like a pig. small poor man
  8. PROBLEMAS CONOCIDOS/DUDAS/FAQ: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P: Cuando empiezo el juego me sale Unhandled exception o Illegal exception at adress.... R: Puede haber multiples razones. -No has instalado el MTA en el lugar correcto. Cuando el juego comienza, el MTA necesita modificar ciertos archivos para funcionar correctamente. Para solucionarlo reinstala MTA o asegurate de ke el directorio de Vice city siga esta estructura: /Vice City Root Directory/ data/mta.scm MTA/american.gxt mta_dll
  9. COMIENZO: -En primer lugar instala el vice city correctamente, y de forma completa. Es aconsejable instalarlo en la ruta por defecto: C:/Archivos de programa/Rockstar games/Grand Thef Auto Vice City A) A continuacion arrancamos el juego, configuramos la grafica, los controles y lo ke sea necesario y lo ponemos en ingles. Ojo! esto es fundamental!, sino nos dara el famoso Unhandled exception B) Luego nos vamos a http://www.mtavc.com . Ahi tenemos todo lo ke nos hace falta. Nos bajamos el MTA:VC (ultima version, en este momento 0.3r2) y lo instalamos por defecto. Luego le indicamos donde est
  10. migui

    server problem

    try do to configure accurazily the config file. if you´ve got a slow connection (for example 256 kbps) max number of player is 2, with you. the third player would have about 900 ping.
  11. i think that is the quicktime task. just go start->execute->msconfig and look into startup. desactivate evrything you really don´t need. the trainer usage message can be cos of using trainers on another games or if you use some kind of loader, process loader or memory process patcher or something like that used to start any cracked program or even GTA. just have a look around and if you can´t solve the problem just find a proggram with wich you can examine memory or do memory dumping so as to find the problem
  12. it is worth, your same one sorry it if I have hurt someone´s heart
  13. men only was a sarcastic remark keep the good job
  14. I have never seen such a so little serious team. you just wast your spare time time joking instead of developing mta. it seems that you have all time in world. then you say that can´t be released already cos of delays. now i can understand why cheaters go a step ahead. you *suck*
  15. well i know that there´s some servers where cheating is allowed........in some stunt servers
  16. is in the game a Flamethrower placed in anywhere?
  17. well, sorry im not english speaker. i mean to say: i saw him making fly a truck of firemen and he moved it laterally , yeah as you can read it shocking ; he made slip the truck by the highway and he run over to me and then he flied some times above me and suddenly he rised in the air shot towards the sky and dissapeared Laterally moving: ...................../\ .....................||.. <-Me .../|--====-----------------====----| ...||----------firemen truck----------|| ...\|--====-----------------====----| .....................|| .....................V
  18. Senial is cheater at Multiplay.co.uk :: ThE MeNTaL MaNiAcZ (DM 0.3)|1526ms| he can do fly trucks and cars so fast that cant even get up before die
  19. pro and CU6UP are pausers and increase their lives at GTA.ru - PlayGround.ru|1400ms|
  20. doub, sandy and Bob_TDH are pausers at GTA.ru - PlayGround.ru|1653ms|
  21. theres one named lan[WUA] his life never decreases at server =[TmM]= [The Mental ManiacZ] (DM 0.3)|841ms|
  22. are you refferring to me? yes i know this is GTA3:MTA forum ,but it should also be included in MTA:VC. number of cheaters is annoying
  23. i think a great bugfix would be to "can´t" pause game while playing to prevent pausing cheaters. if the game is paused, return then to player selection
  24. yes, map modding is well spent time and i also love tune up vice city, max payne 2 and any game that allows it, but playing LAN or between a group of friends, its a true challenge, but not to obstruct to that they wish to play "well". if you want play mod-game play it whit those that are your way dont think so?
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