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  1. On myself? How? I have a single option, and that's "server". That's showing my CPU consumption. I still haven't realized from what comes the dropframes. There are some resources which consumes 0.1% CPU and jumps to 1, maybe 2-3% CPU consumption (I saw that this jump caused the drop frames). Could be from the host? Idk. Probably because the processor has only two cores?
  2. Is there a limit of a resource consumption? I'm having resources with 1, 2 or even 5%. Also, the drop frames are adding resources with high usage, and then it's coming back to normal state. Example: The server uses 1~2% of CPU, and jumps to even 10% (on ipb). On the VPS using the "htop" it shows me that is using 5%, and when the drop frames are coming, jumps to 70%. I've been struggling to solve this problem for a long time
  3. Disabling the synchronisation is a mtaserver.conf setting or can I disable it from the function?
  4. Can I use something else instead of elementData's? And disabling synchronisation can harm the other scripts (where can I disable it).
  5. I'm having a Multi Theft Auto server, installed on my Virtual Private Server. After 40-50 players, I'm experiencing some drop frames (all the players are getting it). As specifications I'm using an i7 6700K (2 cores) and 12 GB Ram. Can anyone explain to me from what can I get drop frames? Server has 500+ FPS, sometimes are 550 and may decrease to 520.