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  1. You-tubbed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-I6q_rTlME that took soooo long to do, it's ridiculous. lol.
  2. oh I do, lol. no worries
  3. Another map from -]alw[- ... Alright, so this is basically just a DM inside the San Fierro PD. It's kinda small, but not too small. Everyone spawns in their own room. All the interior objects were layed out by hand. It wasn't just some bogus interior furniture pack, lol. It's titled Police Department Chaos. 32 people running around in closed quarters with guns. Chaos. All hell will break loose pretty much. Ought to be lots of fun EDIT: I should also mention that this one will probably have to be tweaked a lot as far as weapons, health, and armor pickups go. I was just guessing as
  4. I had this problem a little while ago. For me, it was a bad NIC (or bad NIC drivers). But the NIC problem got so bad that I ended up having to reformat my computer Anyway, since the reformat, the server list works wonderfully.
  5. You can actually roll back over in many cars. Many a time I have been on the roof on the car without any movement and I have been able to almost get the car to roll back over. Usually I end up on fire right before I end up on my wheels again. By that point, I'm already screwed. If the timer was increased by even 3 seconds, it would make everything easier.
  6. I did read that post, but considering it was made in march, I wanted a more updated answer. Thanks for the help, though.
  7. Main question: Will there be a spectate mode in future releases?
  8. edited, not needed anymore.
  9. Ok... being an admin, I find it extremely frustrating to find out if someone is speed hacking or health hacking when the map has anything less than a 20 second respawn. I have to scroll through all the players, and if I'm lucky, I get about 8 seconds to watch the person in question. Many times I get about 2 seconds. When someone rarely uses their speed hacks or just occasionally recharges their health, it is almost impossible to spot in that 8 or less second time period. Will their be a spectate mode in DM and future releases of race mod? In my opinion it is absolutely crucial, and has been
  10. This was just something I encountered. I had joined the game just as a race had started. Waiting for my turn to spawn, it got stuck at "You will spawn in 1 second" Basically I never spawned.
  11. Gabi


    So I was playing on the registered felons stunt server for a few hours today... and one person kept getting a 'banned' error but no one ever banned them (I think it was bobthehob, not sure though). Anyway, so about an hour later I was banned. I didn't do anything, so could I have possibly had the same problem? Being banned when no one banned me?
  12. Reinstalling should fix it
  13. It's been working for many many months, then it just died. That doesnt indicate cracked version. If it never worked, then maybe you would have something on me, but thats not the case. So there.
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