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  1. RandomRambo

    Help :(

    Okay.I understood it.Thanks:) #closed
  2. RandomRambo

    Help :(

    Hello guys, I need help. What is "startRollMessage"? I know that I should use it on client side but i didnt find anything about it on mta wiki. It looks like in some script: startRollMessage("Nonono",255,255,255,"Error") What is it?And can I use it in every script or I need to export smth to use it?
  3. RandomRambo

    Help pls

    Okay.Thanks guys. #Closed
  4. RandomRambo

    Help pls

    But i just registered an account and it looks like: [19-08-20 02:17:47] LOGIN: (Everyone) XDXD successfully logged in as 'XDXD' (IP: 34274372 Serial: 734543573745) (for example) I didnt see this before..so i just banned him just in case...
  5. RandomRambo

    Help pls

    Hello. Today i checked console of my server and I saw this: [19-08-19 23:30:34] ADMIN: #FF0000Sara#00FF00chi registered account 'sebas' (IP: Serial: 3A8F00005D0D8FB8FD85640AE8095684) What is that? Always when someone register it looks like: [19-08-20 02:17:47] LOGIN: (Everyone) XDXD successfully logged in as 'XDXD' (IP: 34274372 Serial: 734543573745) (for example) But what is "ADMIN:"?Did he register like an admin?But how?Did he hack the server or what?:\
  6. Hello,i just tried to wrote some some dxdraw text and image behind it. So how to hide dxdraw text in this script?Cus i tried to hide it but only image was hidden. Help plsssss Script:
  7. ye,im just retard XD its working now,thank you very much for help ❤️
  8. nothing changed after i used space after ",", debugscript 3 also didnt show anything about errors in this script,but idk what is happening
  9. Okay,i will try,but i think it doesnt matter,smth wrong with script 😕
  10. ofc i changed it: marker1 = createMarker(648.93481445313,-2883.2438964844,52.553970336914, "arrow", 1.5, 230, 251, 3, 153) marker2 = createMarker(636.20654296875,-2847.8757324219,1637.8680419922, "arrow", 1.5, 230, 251, 3, 153)
  11. Now image is showing when i hit marker but i teleport not to place where coordinates,i teleport under ground in water and im drowning
  12. Thanks man,i will check it now ) UPD: I used your code ,but:
  13. @Master_11 and @#DaNiLiN Look,i have this server side script for markers (teleports) and this client side script for image which i need to open after player hit marker. So how i can connect server side to client side on these scripts? Server: Client: