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  1. I changed the color, but the mistakes remained. How can they be removed? And how to make texture glow?
  2. The script works. But how to change the color? When I change color color (255,0,0,50), then the color does not change and displays a warning. Warning: <min_mta_version> section in the meta.xml is incorrect or mising (expected at least client 1.3.0 because function is being called outside certain events) How to do it? Glow around texture
  3. Looking for Shader, what's Shader name?
  4. I need to make the texture appear only when the player is near. How to do it? (The texture will be created 1000 times and you do not want them all to be displayed at the same time) This is necessary to optimize the client side.
  5. How to make the pickup animated? So it spun around