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  1. 1.i dont use cheats in any way shape or form, i only use skins, 2.MTA is a crap prog anyway, and so i dont even play on it 3.A caddy is one of the worse cars in the game and why any one wants to drive on i dont know, maybey 'cos they are unable to drive normally, and prefer somert slower and a lot crapper, but what ever you like, and i least my stunts were all original, and not reapeated over and over and over... unlike u, Dispite the fact that your really do sad, ' i am now a stunter' (cough)sad twat(cough) and i guess that your the type in school (or when you was in school, if so then
  2. Your song was some hippy crap which as i said before fits nothing, the vid was a waste of a download and calling me a cheater what the hell is that gonna do, dude at least come up with some thing more better than that, and what stunts are u on about, 'cos i didnt see no stunts, just some one driving badly in a golf caddy reconing that he's 'so good!' So please don't fight a battle if you have no chance, altho i must say your video dose look funny when you watch it whilst being drunk! Ahhh shoot the reindeer!!!
  3. Thanks guy's to be gonest no bike we're modded to improve there stats just skins and all stunts were honest, as in i did not copy any one else in any way, as i said before i have only seen a few others, i am thinking of making another video but personaly i dont think i'll be able to do all the stunts, for as that apart from about 3 stunts in that vid the rest we're mine, and i was using Adobe Premiere 6.5 which is a complete slag to use, easy but i cant do much, so i think my next one will involve a different prog (no need to give advise on which ones to use thanks i already got some:D) and i
  4. If yall like to see REALLY good movie's and want a little bost in your efforts into making the best vid i advise you check out this personally i love it!, but the choice is yours! http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/3dac ... te_640.wmv the only thing is that you'll have to be a 'fileplanet member thingy' if there is a problem with the link just say! have fun if ya watch it:D
  5. Thanks and i hope to see some of your stuff to, dont surpose you have any working links to your vid?, just that i an't seen to many, altho to {ULK}DeathB whats 'metus pwns' and i think the very BEST ever stunt video would have to be 'Vice City Tribute' that vid is ACE !
  6. Ok, fair point, and i'll be honest, i am sorry for complaing at you, just that this was only a vid i made in my spare time, and i wasn't expecting it to be put up in a competition, just a vid from a newbie asking what people thought about it, form a more chilled point of view, i just hope that you don't give another newbie this much hassel, and i am fine with your comments and leave it on i'll be looking back every now and then hoping for a more respective view, sorry to yall for bitchin', just be more easy going with new people, Have fun yall!
  7. {ULK}DeathB i have to admit this has been one of the weirdist 20 minutes of my life, actally seeing what its like for yall in this gameing area, and i an't in it for no arument, and yeah, i know i could of come up with better, but as i said i an't here for an argument, (just seem's that yall start some kinda competition between yall,) and yall should calm down a lot and i understand that you should think that its just a vid and i only made it for the fun of it, and for somert to do in my spare time, to sumerize: yall should chill out and yall should stop talking to each other like yall crap o
  8. My attitde it fine, it's your life style that pisses me off really bad, i only made this vid and like {ULK}DeathB said and i wasn't making this vid to be up to your 'oh so great' standards just to make a vid, so no need to have a totaly sicts* at me * = english word - go crazy
  9. i agree with {ULK}DeathB every thing he said is true! yall should take a tip from him
  10. Well an't you just 10 men More like his mom, having to butt in to somert that aboultly nout to with you, so as i said before just 'cos i dont stay inside like ALL day, (umm... like some people eg. you's) and i have a proper life with Real people, and in what spare time i have, i decide to do some thing else with a mate eg. like this stunt video. I think your very sad for the life you all live, and there's some thing better than sat on a computer critersing other peoples work. Said by me
  11. Ramon said: Whats that you dont want to here any comments on your video, but you like to chat on about others, you to scared to know the truth?
  12. So it seems that coincidently that the link to your video dont even work, so how do you make that one out then?
  13. fisrt-time-gta3-user said: which one was that then
  14. dude your all bitches, like you could do any better, u mean ya really sad, and get a life people, "go out side, and get some sun on your pale skin!" or is that to much effort, insted you wanna be jelous and start bitching at other people! so mardar's!
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