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  1. By the way, which software is used to mod the games and create such maps? Because I'd like to know what software I should download or buy to do this castle and other Czech Republic or generic West Slavic themed buildings in a small homegrown map.
  2. Yeah, you can play with a VPN. But I'm asking a noob question: if you don't have a great computer and/or a great internet connection, won't the VPN slow you down and prevent you from playing? I've got a friend with a craptastic PC and he can't even use a VPN to browse internet sites without his computer being ridiculously slow.
  3. I'm a newcomer to multiplayer GTA, but I'd be definitely down for RP sessions. I've done that on other games and in real life (fantasy and airsoft LARP) and really enjoy the hell out of it!
  4. +1 on that search, I'd play the hell of a mod set in a desert-like location.
  5. Wait, there are actually hundreds of thousands of people still playing GTA SA and others actively? I did think the old games I was getting back into still had a community, but it wasn't even a fraction of that. Happy new year everyone, and congrats to the administrators for keeping these great games alive and managing to keep such a huge active community!