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  1. I usually mapping for a server, how can i disable that?
  2. Normally when I do an interior, I place buildings as a wall, when the weather changes, the whole wall changes color to another, is there any way to avoid it? thanks
  3. I want to change the sign on this building https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/model/12946-sw_furnistore01/ this sign I use the original resolution 256x64, but the text comes out blurry and of poor quality. Thanks for the help Look quality
  4. I'm playing on a role server, but sometimes the game gets stuck with the sound repeating itself, then I minimize the game it gets good, but it can no longer be maximized,then I get this error CC29 Disconnected: connection to the server was lost Add:I have samp installed in the gta sa folder, I have gta sa v1.00,I've reinstalled mta several times, but not gta sa, it just happens to me on that server :
  5. Juego en un servidor que rol que tiene pegatinas para coches y algun mod de coches, en algunas ocasiones el juego y el sonido se quedan pillado, minimizo el juego y el juego se pone bien pero no se puede volver a maximizar para seguir jugando, entonces pasado un rato tira error CC29 Disconnected: connection to the server was lost , añadir que solo me ocurre en este servidor, tambien juego en uno freeroam y no me pasa, algo hace que el juego se quede pillado pero no es un crash, es mas bien una desconexion muy lenta, he probado a reinstalar mta, solo me quedaria hacer una instalacion limpiar de
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