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  1. Driver IRQ...sounds like a hardware conflict...might want to have someone look at it, because it has something to do with an interrupt request, which might be something serious...
  2. I was on it last night, and I am on 56k, I only had 1 CRC timeout, and I played on about 10 different servers, a couple over 400 ping
  3. well, when I restarted the computer for about the 10th time, it seemed to fix the problem.
  4. I tried all those things, but I still cannot fix the problem
  5. maybe it is my computer? but I chose the full install of mta:VC 0.3r2, and I cannot do a freakin' thing with it...change game location, detect game verison, change path, nothing...if anyone can help me with that, pm me or check out the post I have up
  6. well, I usually play gta3...just to fly the dodo. But I also think that a dodo in vice would rock...
  7. and I also use 0.3r2 (sorry about the double post)
  8. that is the same problem I have NinjaN2. I tried changing the values and paths in it, but it doesn't work
  9. now if u could fly a dodo in VC, I would be happy. (maybe u can, I have not really looked into it yet) sorry if this is spam
  10. if anyone can help let me know...newb in need of it
  11. reinstalling into a different directory still doesn't fix the problem (for me at least)
  12. I believe that there are a couple of posts that already discuss the *.dll problem... anyway my problem is that I am having problems detecing the game. I ran full install of the latest version of MTA (0.3r2 I believe) none of the other posts seem to answer my problem
  13. when I tried that, I put in the old setting underneath my modified settings.
  14. I am running v 1.1. I don't know how to select the game executable. the client has like no options at all
  15. If he/she is like me, might not have that option, I don't because I live in a rural area
  16. the saem problem some other ppl are having...detecting game version
  17. typo in that last one. I meant the website of the manufacturer* sorry bout that
  18. actually, that sounds like a problem your video card, possibly a bad driver, I would recommend installing new drivers by either the manufacturer of your Video card or windows update to see if that fixes the problem.
  19. I am having the same problem, which I have yet to fix
  20. I just downloaded MTA:VC 0.3r2, full install. I am not sure if I need the 0.3 client, But I have no clue how to acquire it. the client cannot find the game settings or let alone detect the game itself. anyone help me?
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