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  1. the first pc have 2,0 ghz for core and the second pc have 1,6 ghz for core... and the frequency of core is better in the first pc : (
  2. Hi everyone, first, I have 2 PC (this PC are all in one, no modificable CPU 😞 *PC 1: 8 GB of ram. AMD a6 5200 apu with radeon hd graphics 2.00ghz 500 GB HDD *PC 2: 8 GB of ram Intel celeron cpu 1017u 1.60 ghz 500 GB HDD Ok, in agreement of the percentage of this page of what games can the pc run "https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri", the PC 1 is sooo better than the PC 2. The problem starts here, the PC 2 runs better with the MTA and other game that I will not mention and is so strange, I put more ram in the PC 1, (before this haved 4 gb of ram) and the fps no have a change. Any idea what happens to my processor of the PC 1?